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Pennsylvania primary.

Posted by QB on April 22, 2008

The Pennsylvania voters can vote intelligently today to end Barak Obama and Hillary Clinton battle for nomination by voting for Barak Obama. This is the right thing to do if Democrats want to win in November. The Democratic party is will loose the general election if they don’t act now, the battle will go on and Hillary will keep going after Obama creating division with Democratic party. John McCain can and will beat Hillary in November if she is the nominee and it will be the democratic party and the voters will be responsible for putting him in White House.

The Democrats, if lose this election should admit that they are idiots and shut down their political party.


5 Responses to “Pennsylvania primary.”

  1. […] can and will beat Hillary in November if she is the nominee and it will be the democratic partyhttps://quranbible.wordpress.com/2008/04/22/pennsylvania-primary/Polling opens in Pennsylvania Democratic primary The Times of IndiaVoting opened in the crucial […]

  2. She’s the most effective individual to deal with foreign affairs, which will be the most important issue of this race in the end. How can we fix our economy without better foreign relations? Clearly, we cannot. Globalization insists upon improved relations and returning the US to it’s pre-Bush standing.

    This will be the fourth attempt for Obama to knock Clinton out of the race. He’s been incapable of doing so, which demonstrates his lack of feasibility as a candidate.

    There are good reasons why the superdelegates should ignore the Obama Campaigns cries for all Superdelegates to swing for Obama and instead endorse Mrs Clinton. There’s no question that superdelegates will consider electability as a factor in deciding whether to vote for Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. Clinton CAN beat McCain in November. Obama cannot if he is on the ticket as President. Him as VP is a different story: http://clintonista.wordpress.com/

  3. QB said

    This is all Hillary and her supporters are saying to get the nomination. Hillary if get the nomination with the help of these “super delegates” than Democratic Party has no chance of winning in November. Hillary big support coming from Republicans who want to prolong this primary race because it give their lame candidate McCain. I would be happy if McCain win in November instead of Hillary Clinton, if she is the nominee with the help of super delegates.

  4. Farhang Adib - Iran said

    Hi Clintonista

    You mentioned that Mrs. Hillary is the best choiceو because she can improve the US foreign relation. Middle East is near explosion .The invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan has created lots of global problems too. This area can not afford another big war. If a new war happens, your nation will suffer from the severe consequences too.
    In such a terrible atmosphere, she has threatened Iran several times; including a nuclear attack (I.e. a restricted atomic attack) .Do you think she is the best peace supporter?! What is our fault? Your military forces are far from home and near our borders. Your government is threatening us as a daily habit. If we had done the same, what would have been your reaction? Do you think we are not human, or we have no love to our children, relatives and people?
    Try to forget all those nasty propaganda about Iran and open your eyes to the truth .Life and reality are far from what you see on your broadcasting means.
    8 years of a nasty war was imposed upon us, while your government and the US allies supported the war by all their means .They supported bloody Saddam Hussein and after using this murderer, they attacked and killed him .Shouldn’t you be ashamed for what your government did to us? Many people in Iran were killed during the war.And this is only one sample. Mother and relatives will suffer for the rest of their life.
    Hillary voted for the US attack to Iraq. That was fundamentally a great mistake.
    I repeat that there is a great difference between the truth and reality in this world.
    I know that you can not understand our pains. May be it is natural because you are far from here.
    Have a great day

    P/S :By the way I say hello from here to QB and always appreciate him for his good job.

  5. QB said

    Thank you Farhang. Always nice to hear from you.

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