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Iraq 100 Years Occupation will be too difficult.

Posted by QB on March 27, 2008

John McCain Bush and Dick who are against any withdrawal of US military from Iraq have to fight Mahdi Militia because Iraqi forces failed to keep control of the city. According to reports Mahdi Militia is in control of Basra. The Baghdad Sadr City where demonstration against the US occupation and Nouri Al Malaki are becoming daily routine reported to have tens of thousands demonstrations. The Sunni US allies are still sitting on the side lines for now and if they decided to fight then the situation will become worst.

The following quote is from the website Road to Iraq. This might be true or just rumor.

Abu Al-Khasib another city close to Basra, now under Mahdi Army control, Iraqi government calls special forces from Karbala led by Maliki’s “brothers in law” to move to Basra.

…….End update…..

Just reported from Alwasatonline reporter in Basra, Mahdi Army managed to arrest 17 American soldiers, and seizes 7 hammer military vehicles, because of these developments the Iraqi government offered to negotiates with MA but Muqtada Al-Sadr refused any negotiations, also 250 Iraqi soldiers gave themselves up to Mahdi Army.

Key bridge, connecting Basra city to Al-Kurnah is destroyed by Mahdi Army.

Sotaliraq reported that Maliki refused to meet Basra’s mayor “Mohammad Al-Walili [from Al-Fadhilah Party], the mayor threaten if he removed from his position as mayor he will burn all the oil wells around Basra.

There is also reports about American warplanes involvement in the fights, and the Green Zone was bombed again at 8 O’clock p.

There are fighting in Al-Shurta neighborhood in Baghdad in the Karkh part [East, across the river]

John McCain supporters should ask, what will be the cost of 100 years occupation. The US military failed to control Iraq in five years, so far the US military has done is to get control of one city. When they begin their operation the Resistance moved to another city or province reorganize themselves and start fighting the occupation military. This is what is happening in Iraq and this will continue as long as the US military is occupying Iraq. There is no end for this war.


One Response to “Iraq 100 Years Occupation will be too difficult.”

  1. wanderer7 said

    but they’ve already got their bases there. Just like the US still has bases in Germany and Japan from the end of World War 2.

    the tantacles stretch around the world.

    They are even in Australia (pine gap military base)

    and don’t forget their secret underground bases …

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