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Hilary Clinton – Wants to win nomination on all cost.

Posted by QB on March 20, 2008

Hilary Clinton and her supporters are attacking Barak Obama very unreasonably, claiming that he is afraid to redo Florida and Michigan primaries because he is afraid that he will lose. James Carville and Paul Begala destroyed Howard Dean candidacy in 2004 by talking negative before the voting started on CNN Crossfire and James Carville is doing the same with claiming that Barak Obama don’t want Florida and Michigan to re-vote because he is afraid that he will lose. James Carville also is saying that Barak Obama can’t win the general election if he is afraid to face the Democratic voters.

This is tough time for Barak Obama where everything is going against him. Barak Obama has to change his strategy and start going tough on Hilary Clinton and her supporters.


7 Responses to “Hilary Clinton – Wants to win nomination on all cost.”

  1. huntingdonpost said

    Why is Hillary Clinton being unreasonable? It’s a good question why Obama stalled on Michigan and thus caused a re-do to be voted down. He is a politician too, remember, and he is playing a rather subtle dirty game. If those were delegates he thought would help him, you can bet he’d be going after them. And no one would be criticising him for doing it, although Sen. Clinton gets blasted. It’s a double standard.

  2. QB said


    Obama is not blocking the primaries in Florida and Michigan, he will abide by the rules set by DNC which, has not come to an acceptable solution yet. Hilary if, get the nomination than she will lose in general elections. Obama has the better chance of beating John McCain. This is the time for the American voters to bring the real change in politics by electing Obama.

  3. jegmeister said

    Yet more deceit from Clinton and her supporters. In this campaign, her true colours have been revealed – and they are not a pretty sight.

    This is a woman who will do anything, say anything to get elected. She really doesn’t have any principles at all – and that is not something we need any more of in the White House after Bush and his continued lies.

    Leaving aside the fact that Obama has the better chance of beating McCain (which all the polls indicate to be the case), anyone with any morality at all should oppose Clinton as strongly as they can. Obama may not be perfect but he is not constantly deceitful and smearing as she is.

    And as for James Carville’s comments, they just go to prove everything I have already mentioned. Since when is calling someone who has a genuine change of mind about a candidate “Judas”. It says more about his immaturity and spitefulness than anything else.

    It is only because of the good grace of Obama that this race has not become even uglier. Obama knows he is still the favourite to win and a Democrat party that is divided is easy prey for Republicans – whoever is elected. Unfortunately, power-hungry Clinton is determined to win at all costs – and if the truth gets lost along the way so be it.

    Finally, Michigan and Florida – lets once and for all deal with this myth about Obama trying to stop the democratic will of the people of those states. These states BROKE THE RULES – it is their fault and they must pay the price. What is the point of having rules if they are simply broken in this way?

    As for the argument we keep hearing that Clinton has won before and that this shows Obama is scared of losing there, why don’t you Clinton supporters stop being economical with the truth? Obama DIDN’T STAND in one of these states (so a bit difficult to win don’t you think) because he abided by the rules. And in another he didn’t campaign properly (again because he followed the rules)- thereby severaly affecting his chances.

    You can argue the case for these states having their votes re-cast (although you are by default I would suggest condoning a breaking of the rules) but don’t leave important pieces of the facts out because it is the only way you can smear Obama. At least show that you have principles even if the candidate you support has none.

  4. QB said


    Excellent comments.

  5. huntingdonpost said

    Here’s something I think shows principle. It’s certainly fair to have disagreements about who is the better candidate. But with all the mudslinging (and I don’t say either Dem campaign has been without this) I think it is important to note that Hillary Clinton took the time out of this race to introduce into the Senate the bill to support UNFPA. Neither Sen. Obama nor Sen. McCain, as far as I know, introduced any legislation while on the campaign trail, and this particular legislation demonstrates her genuine commitment to motherhood, to safe health care for everyone (not just in the U.S.), and foreign affairs at the level of real people’s lives.

  6. QB said

    Friend Huntingdonpost,

    Sen. Patrick Leahy is suggesting Hilary Clinton to drop out of the race and support Barak Obama. This is very good advice as she don’t have any chance of winning Democratic Party Nomination. This will help Democrats in the general election in November otherwise give White House to Republicans for four more years.

  7. […] &ampltcode&ampgt &ampltdel datetime=””&ampgt &ampltem&ampgt &amplti&ampgt &ampltq cite=””&ampgt &amphttps://quranbible.wordpress.com/2008/03/20/hilary-clinton-wants-to-win-nomination-on-all-cost/Hilary Clinton&8220In the bible it says they asked Jesus how many times you should forgive, and he […]

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