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Democrats Presidential Race.

Posted by QB on February 16, 2008

Barak Obama is giving a real fight to get the Democratic Party nomination. I was very wrong saying that Barak Obama can’t win the the nomination because of his race and am so glad that majority of Americans proved me wrong. Barak Obama now has the real chance of wining the Democratic nomination and he has the chance to beat the Republican nominee John McCain. Hilary Clinton will lose to John McCain if the is the nominee of her party. Hilary and Bill Clinton are going negative on Barak Obama but the momentum is on his side.

Barak Obama will change the history of US if elected the first African American President of US. The women President will also change the history of US politics which might come in future because really don’t believe that Hilary Clinton can beat the Republican opponent. Hilary Clinton is too much of a typical politician.

These are the few words just to say something after long absence.


3 Responses to “Democrats Presidential Race.”

  1. opit said

    It’s good to hear you’re getting better. Your voice is a fearless online original and is missed when absent.

  2. QB said

    Thank you Opit.

  3. Hello Opit,

    Hope your health has improved. I agree with your early pessimism of Obama. I am very proud of my fellow Americans for not only selecting an African-American, but rejecting the War-Machine establishment Democrat Hillary Clinton. I pray that he hold true to his intention to end the war.

    There are powerful lobbies and interests who come immediately to bear on any candidate to further their evil agenda. Some have died when they refused their demands. Obama has a difficult road ahead and I wish him the best (though I am not a Democrat… or Republican).

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