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Absense from the blog.

Posted by QB on February 2, 2008

Right now am very busy supposed to be working 7 days a week. Also had sinus and flu like conditions from last week with severe headaches  pain in whole body and cheek bones. Really can’t concentrate or right going to see doctor and tomorrow will leave home again and comeback after couple of weeks.

Thank you Farhang Adib for sending me email.


4 Responses to “Absense from the blog.”

  1. an Iranian said

    take care

  2. Ric said

    Dammit, QB, get well!!

  3. QB said

    Thank you Ric. I am very well now. Still very busy working seven days a week. Did not have time to check the messages every day. Checked these messages after two weeks.

  4. jhpiii said

    Sinus infections are the worst. Heal well. Pax et bonum.

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