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US Military Budget. By Farhang Adib.

Posted by QB on January 12, 2008

This is written by An Iranian am publishing it without any editing. Iranian Friend if don’t get into trouble in Iran would like to publish his first name.

The Military budget of US government alone is more than the military budget of the whole world.
In a recent report, Global Security Institute has announced that the present military world budget is 1100 billion dollars .While 623 billion dollars out of it is consisted to USA.
China and Russia spend 65 and 50 billions respectively. France and UK with 45 and 42.8 billion dollars have the subsequent grades respectively.

During the past seven years, US military budget has increased substantially. Such a rise is mostly related to the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan. In this report it is mentioned that, the announced 623 billion USD budget does not include US supports to Egypt and Israel. It is also mentioned that such a budget is 29 times the total military budgets of Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Libya, Sudan and Syria. None of those countries have good relations with US government .As stated in that report; those countries spend a total sum of 14.650 billion dollars on their military defense affairs.

We should know that so far, even with small threats, US government has attacked to its enemies and started wars. While most of the Democrats presidency candidate in USA are still talking about developing this affair.

Hillary Clinton says that she will try to develop and modernize her country military power, so the need for long occupation of other countries shall reduce. John Edwards said that he will double the military budget. Barak Obama says that they should immediately develop the power of their military forces, in order to regain the world leadership .He believes that a strong military force will keep and establish the global peace. He is right about his last sentence .But when you look at the present US military budget and the way US government is acting in the world ,you will realize what is really behind all these disgusting propagandas.

Following is Farhang Adib reply to Brad.

Dear Brad
www.alef.ir  replied that the news has been received through the following address http://www.irna.ir/fa/news/view/line-2/8610196322233049.htm that is based on a telex from New York dated Jan.9.2008. They also advised me to read a similar article http://truthspring.info/2008/01/05/happy-new-year-and-row-on-you-galley-slaves/. Please have a look at it too. It is interesting. Meanwhile I contacted www.alef.ir  again and asked for more references. They should contact irnanews for more information. They are nice and responsible guys and are fully co-operating on this issue. I will inform you when further information received .I also recommend you and QB to study the second link introduced in this comment .The author has approached the same subject from another view .But you can deduce the same result. Hope to see the global peace and perfect friendship of nations soon. Although it is a very difficult wish but quite possible to become a reality. First of all people should deserve it by gaining bright minds though thinking and acting. Please do not forget that we have no problem with US nation. The story is something else that you are well aware about it.
Best Wishes

9 Responses to “US Military Budget. By Farhang Adib.”

  1. Brad said

    I definitely agree and appreciate your speaking out. Our government in the US has been further and further collapsing to the military-industrial complex that Eisenhower warned the public about in 1960. Every administration has played in to that and the Bush administration has really taken the reigns and driven over the cliff with it.

    I am a little skeptical about your accounts of the presidential candidates views, especially what you said about Edwards. I am not saying you are incorrect, but I could appreciate sources if possible.

    Thanks for speaking out about the indefensible defense budget.

  2. QB said


    Let the An Iranian reply to your comments. Thanks you for being so polite and decent.


  3. An Iranian said

    Dear friend QB
    Thank you for publishing the above information. You can publish my full name and I have no problem with it.
    Thank you again
    Farhang Adib

  4. An Iranian said

    Dear Brad
    Thank you for your comments. I translated the above article from one of the competent Iranian sites http://www.alef.ir . All the military budget figures above are along my frequent previous findings .I also have mentioned the related source for it. Regarding the US Candidates sources, kindly give me some time to contact http://www.alef.ir and reply back with your requested information.

  5. QB said

    Farhang Adib,

    No problem. You can send more articles if you get time. Will publish them without editing.


  6. alef said

    your requested article:


  7. alef said

    salame dobare:

    agar in magaleye alef morede nazare shomast (http://www.alef.ir/content/view/16609/) tarjoye in magale ast:

    lotf konid linke dagige magale alef ro ersal konid ya dar gesmate tamas ba ma comment begzardi ta barayetan ersal shavad,

  8. Brad said

    I really appreciate that. thank you

  9. test said

    truth is truth

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