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Bilawal Bhutto is the Chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party.

Posted by QB on December 30, 2007

Bilawal Bhutto eldest son will get the important position in PPP according to Benazir Bhutto will. This was very much expected that the control of the party will be remain in Bhutto family. I don’t have much information about Bilawal Bhutto who look like a teenager. Asif Zardari might be his close adviser with dealing with the political decisions. PPP who claim to be the champion of democracy don’t follow the democratic rules within their own party. The PPP is Bhutto family dynasty to rule over poor people of Pakistan by fooling them with slogans.

The 19 year old kid Bilawal Bhutto is the new Chairman of PPP and Asif Zardari who is now the Co-Chairman of the party will be handling the political affairs on behalf of his son. This is also interesting that Asif Zardari changed Bilawal Bhutto name to Bilawal Bhutto Zardari after Benazir Bhutto death.
The next generation of PPP leadership will discard Bhutto name they will be called “ZARDARI” shifting the power dynasty to their tribe.

Asif Zardari was speaking with Wolf Blitzer and he believes that Pervez Musharraf government is involved in Benazir Bhutto murder, the reason he give that the sitting government was scared of “Larger Than Life” opposition leader. This doesn’t make sense at all what advantage Pervez Musharraf’s government get with Benazir Bhutto death. Pervez Musharraf government actually wanted Benazir Bhutto to become the next Prime Minister to divert the attention from him on fighting Bush “war on terror”, Benazir Bhotto death is big blow to Pervez Musharraf future plan to blame her for bombing and killing civilians for “war on terror”.

The Asif Zardari, on the other hand, has gained enormous advantages by the death of Benazir Bhutto. He is mostly likely has carried out this attack on her wife and this is not his first murder attempt. Asif Zardari had murdered Shahnawaz Bhutto in the past and get away with that murder due to lack of evidence. This is not my some crazy theory, this is what is written on Wikipedia.

Murtaza Bhutto and Asif Ali Zardari

After returning to Pakistan from exile, Bhutto offered his sister Benazir Bhutto the chance to revive the manifesto of PPP which his father championed. However, he was not happy with the corrupt ways of Benazir’s husband Asif Ali Zardari and wanted him removed from influence in the PPP. [4] When his sister decided to side with her husband, Murtaza became a strong critic of PPP government and the ongoing corruption. Zardari, and his protege Abdullah Shah Lakiyari (then Chief Minister of Sind), obstructed Murtaza’s political compaign[4]. Murtaza invited Zardari to talk in private and settle the problems within the family. However, the meeting ended in confrontation and Murtaza shaved off half of Zardari’s moustache[4]. This humiliated Zardari. It is widely believed in Pakistan that this incident drove Zardari to rage and he used help from Lakiyari’s police machinery to assassinate Murtaza Bhutto[4]. Benazir became highly unpopular after this incident and her limo was stoned by PPP workers when she tried to visit Murtaza’s funeral ceremonies[4]. After Benazir’s government was dismissed in 1996, Zardari was detained for having a part in Murtaza’s assassination[5]. However, no charges were ever proven due to lack of evidence (the scene of Murtaza’s assassination was wiped off before any Police investigators could arrive at the scene. [4]).

Assassination of Murtaza Bhutto

On 20 September 1996, Murtaza Bhutto was shot and killed, along with six supporters, in what was later determined to be, an ambush by police.[6][4][3].

On the evening of his assassination there were 70 to 100 police officers placed yards away from his residence (70 Clifton Road, Karachi), including several high-level police officials[7]. Some of the officers were in sniper positions in the nearby trees with the streetlights being shut. As the car carrying Bhutto approached the house, it was stopped by a police contingent. When Bhutto exited the car, the police opened fire. All of the six men accompanying him were fatally shot too. Bhutto was shot several times, but the shot that killed him was fired execution style on his neck [7]. The victims were left to bleed without any medical attention for half-an-hour to 45 minutes. All of the seven men were then taken to different locations, none to emergency hospitals[7]. Bhutto was taken to Mideast Hospital[7]. In the aftermath of this assassination, none of the police officers were arrested, and some were later promoted to higher positions[7]. Benazir Bhutto’s government arrested all the survivors and witnesses, two of whom died mysteriously in police custody[7].

A judicial tribunal concluded that the assassination could not have occurred ‘without approval from the highest level of government’, thereby implying the involvement of Benazir Bhutto (the prime minister at the time) or her husband Asif Ali Zardari(the minister of Industry).

Asif Zardari has gained control of Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) after Benazir Bhutto death which he could not have during her life time. His son is only symbolic Chairman of the party who will be following the policies of his father. According to this logic Asif Zardari has killed his wife for power and money.


9 Responses to “Bilawal Bhutto is the Chairman of Pakistan Peoples Party.”

  1. An Iranian said

    Dear friend
    Pakistan will not change ,unless the people of Pakistan change their view
    about life .they should learn how to tolerate each other .

  2. QB said

    Iranian Friend,

    Completely agree with your comments.

  3. Bilawal zardari has guts of her mom and he can lead the party! although he is much younger and has to learn alot but he is the right choice for PPP

  4. QB said

    You are right, the Champion of Democracy PPP does not have any democracy in their own party. The party is owned by family. Bilawal will nominate his son for the party leadership and he maybe challenged by Murtaza Bhutto sons, if he had any. Keep worshiping your political figures without realizing how they exploit the common people for their own advantages.

  5. mirpur mathelo said

    asalam o alakum
    i am mohsin ali siyal from ghotki sindh.i have support ppp since my birth but ppp has not given us any think.i loved ppp i am loving ppp i will be loving ppp till death.
    i am doing private job in news1 and tv1 as junior satellite engr.i have passed engr in first division in electronics…i want to get job in govt or in ptv as i support ppp in media..
    so i am requesting bilawel saheb,asif ali zardari sahab,makhdoom sahab and all pppp authority that help me in govt job…sir i am waiting for help of ALLAH and u
    my cell no 03337245877

  6. QB said

    Dear Mosin Ali Siyal,

    You have posted the comments on the wrong blog. I am against everything what is wrong and PPP, PML and all the other political parties rule over the common people because they have innocent people like you who love them without realizing that these parties only work for their own interests and protect each other.

  7. hina said


  8. hina said


  9. Huda said

    It sadens me to watch the condition of politics as it is and has been in Pakistan. The publics have always been manipulated by politicians all over the world but ours is a special case. Most of our vote casters are like a herd of sheep, mindless followers. Its not limited to PP voters.

    Only possible exclusion to the mindless rule are Jamaat Islaami voters who can actually think but they have a hard liner as their leader. Plus since it has Islam in its name, its already unacceptable to many.

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