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Benazir Bhutto death.

Posted by QB on December 29, 2007

Benazir Bhutto is dead. The CNN MSNBC FOX reported the cause of death was bullet which hit on her neck and went out out head and bullet shots in her chest. The Pakistan Interior Ministry Spokesperson said that Benazir Bhutto died after hitting her head on sunroof handle when trying to duck the gun shorts. The Interior Ministry Spokesperson blamed Al Qaida for attack which is immediately denied by Mullah Omar that Al Qaida and Taliban did not carry out this attack. Mullah Omar also said that it is against the tribal ethics to attack women. Mullah Omar is blaming Pakistan Intelligence and Pakistan Military on Benazir Bhutto death.

Benazir Bhutto is dead and I really don’t wanted to write against her, let God be the judge.

The violence which break out after Benazir Bhutto death is shameful stupidity which is killing more people destroying public and private properties. When are the people going to learn to decently express their anger without killing anyone without burning cars, buses, gas stations. Shame on these idiots.


12 Responses to “Benazir Bhutto death.”

  1. An Iranian said

    you are right .

  2. vivien said

    hello again QB, i agree with you. let’s not speak of the dead. for her sake, i hope her violent death was at least part of purification for her sins in this life. for we all have sins. if we are not purified in this life, then we will be purified at death, if not then in the grave, if not then on the day of judgment, and if not then in hereafter (hellfire). better in this life, or at death, than later!
    i absolutely agree with you about the senseless reaction of the people against her death. it is unfortunately presently a disease among muslim people who should know better! like the danish cartoon about the prophet or the pope’s statement about prophet muhammad. they need to respond as the prophet would have responded. the pen is mightier than the sword. education is of paramount importance and should be among the top items of agenda for change in these countries.

  3. QB said

    Iranian Friend nice to see you.

  4. QB said


    Education is the most important issue in Muslim countries, on the religion they have to open up their minds where questioning is prohibited. Religious scholars can only provide the interpretation of Islam through Qur’an and Hadiths and majority of them even don’t bother to listen the logical argument. When they run out of answers they only way out for them is to declare me kafir and end the discussion.

  5. QB said

    Next weekend when I come home write about the power struggle in PPP. By that time it will become more clear.

  6. Musaddiq Aziz-Pakistan said


  7. ALI AKBAR Gujjar -PMLN-Pakistan said

    present Musharraf Rule is extra oridanary harmfull for whole nation

  8. QB said

    Ali Akbar Gujjar – PML-N,

    Pervez Musharraf if change his policies on fighting Bush “war on terror” than peace and stability will prevail. Nawaz Sharif another term will not be different from his previous governments. The chances are that PPP if decided not to boycott the elections they are going to win large number of seats gaining thin majority and will form the Federal Government. Pervez Musharraf Legue (PML-Q) will win enough seats to become strong opposition party. Benazir Bhutto death has created new wave of sympathy and that will show up in the polls.

  9. An Iranian said

    Dear friend QB
    Nice to see you back too .I wish for you happiness, good luck and success in the coming year.

  10. ppaaoollaa said


    A distanza di tanti anni non siamo ancora riusciti a trovare una valida ragione dei bombardamenti inglesi su Milano, e continuiamo a vedere bombardamenti inglesi sui civili in ogni parte del mondo. Si tratta di un complotto globale.

    Fra il 12 e il 16 Agosto 1943 la RAF con incursioni di centinaia di aerei ogni notte sganciò oltre 5000 tonnellate di bombe esplosive e 500 mila bombe incendiarie cercando di radere al suolo Milano come fecero in Germania con Dresda provocando fra i 20 e i 100 mila morti.

    l’intenzione era di eliminare almeno 20 mila milanesi, forse 50-100 mila. La missione ricevuta dalla RAF era precisa identica spiaccicata a quella di Dresda, forse peggiore, la quantità di bombe sganciate su Milano fu superiore. I morti a Dresda furono almeno 115 mila.




  11. QB said

    This is the machine translation of Ppaaoolla Italian message to English.


    After many years we have not yet managed to find a valid reason for British bombing on Milan, and we continue to see British bombing on civilians all over the world. This is a global conspiracy.

    Between 12 and 16 August 1943 with the RAF raids of hundreds of air every night sganciò over 5,000 tons of bombs and 500 thousand explosive incendiary bombs trying to radere ground Milan as did Germany in Dresden with causing between 20 and 100 thousand deaths .

    The intention was to eliminate at least 20 thousand Milanese, perhaps 50-100 thousand. The mission was received by the RAF precise spiaccicata identical to that of Dresden, perhaps worse, the amount of bombs dropped on Milan was higher. The deaths in Dresden were at least 115 thousand.



  12. William Cullinson said


    The press reported that the assassination of Benazir Bhutto was carried out by terrorists loyal to the taliban and that it was a suicide bomber who carried it out. However the witnesses who were there said they heard multiple shots from buildings nearby before the bomb went off. Originally Scotland yard who investigated it said there were shots and then reversed themselves and John MacBrayne , chief investigator said that there were none.
    The CIA wanted Bhutto dead, they had a contingency plan to sanction her from years back if she ever attained the leadership of Pakistan, Much of the leadership in the CIA did not like this decision and Porter Goss resigned over this issue. If Bhutto had won the election and even stating that she was the terrorists worst nightmare there would not have been a big change in the status quo however the CIA knew that Bhutto had intended to demilitarize Pakistan basically throwing out all U.S. military and intelligence advisors and operatives.
    The terrosist were not intimidated by Bhutto but the CIA was. The assassination of Bhutto was typical CIA black bag operations, the suicide bomber (diversion) for the three triangular snipers in the buildings beyond. Then the facts and evidence are quickly erased.
    All the bodies and evidence were cleaned up within a couple hours of the incident. Husnain and Rafaqat The two supposedly taliban terrorists being held for investigation Are CIA operatives trained by the covert assistance group wing of the CIA training Pakistan operatives in Pakistan
    Thus the CIA, American Military Advisors and intelligence operatives are set in Pakistan and President Pervez Musharrafâ??s Cooperative to the U.S. administration is secured.

    William Cullinson Manager of Racetrack, East Orlando, Florida


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