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Few words.

Posted by QB on December 15, 2007

I reached home last night and it is Saturday morning and have to leave early tomorrow morning which will not be very pleasant as the weather forecast is snow. I watched some news at my hotel room so really did not know in details. The hot news on CNN, MSNBC, Fox is tortured video tapes destroyed by CIA. The Congress is looking into this matter trying to find out why these video tapes were destroyed and who is responsible for the destruction of these tapes. The Congress really don’t have to investigate to find out the who is responsible because it is the known secret that these tapes were destroyed by Bush and Dick. Mitt Romney is the only candidate who support the torture interrogations techniques is defending Bush regime on this issue. The other interesting situation is that Mike Hucabee is the front runner in Iowa which is making Mitt Romney very nervous as he has put lots of money and time there and he is attacking Hucabee record on illegal immigration, raising taxes, spending as Arkansas Governor.

The Democratic Presidential race has taken few interesting turns with Hilary Clinton is going down in New Hampshire and Iowa with Barak Obama numbers are going up. There was interesting poll conducted by CNN which shows that John Edwards will beat all the Republicans with huge margin.

Pervez Musharraf has lifted the emergency rule for the coming January elections. Nothing more on this because don’t know what is going on election campaign in Pakistan.

Iran is not developing nuclear weapon was reported by latest NIE which is not very well taken by John Bolton, Republican Presidential candidates  Bush and Dick and ofcourse Israel did not like this NIE clearing Iran of any wrong doing on nuclear program.

This is all for the moment few lines about miscellaneous issues, next week come home for three days so hope to have something more to say. I might post few words tomorrow morning.


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