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US – Border Security Guards.

Posted by QB on December 9, 2007

This morning was not planning to write anything but wake up too early with still time on hand so there is no better way to ut8ilize this time writing my experience in US small city with little over 2 hundred thousand population. The people of the city are friendly polite like any other US city but there is huge Border Security personnel’s hanging at the Greyhound bus terminal. I went to buy ticket to go home on Friday night went straight to the window ask for the timing of the bus departure and than noticed am surrounded by two guys blocking my way out of the area, this was strange and I asked them do we met somewhere else, the reply was from one of the Border Security Guard that you tell us. Then the other Guard asked me do I have documentation which I did have in my bag. The Border Security Guard asked me to talk to them, this make me very angry, told the Greyhound clerk to wait and let me finish with these guys first, the guys corrected me that we are not the “Guys” were are “Officers” of US Border Security. After checking my documentation the “Officer” thank me and they went away. This is small incident actually the first time in any US city, before this happened like to thank the city police Officers who guided me when I asked them the address and they were polite helpful walked me to a place to show me the direction, it was windy morning with snow.

The interesting thing is this small town is far away from border and all these Border Security Guards permanently stationed on this bus terminal, they are all Latinos. Bush is making US a police state. This is not the America I know, this is more like some police state of third world country.


8 Responses to “US – Border Security Guards.”

  1. An Iranian said

    There is a policy behind that attitude. They know that there is no need for such massive security controls .But in fact they do it to justify their policies. They do it to show that US nation is under terrorism threats. They do it to frighten US nation, to brain wash and impose this fear deep into their souls. Some days ago I was reading an Article on Newsweek .Following the comments ,I clearly realized that many Americans have similar fears as mentioned above .US regime acts quite complicated .It is not very complicated for some other nations as Iranians .We almost know what they do. But for some Americans, such a false massive propaganda works properly. Although I have great doubt about the effectiveness of this method in future.

  2. An Iranian said

    Adding some points to my previous comment, please have some research on Pentagon budget in the past 60 years along with causes of the budget increases .There has been some budget fluctuations in some periods too. Paying attention to the causes of those fluctuations will also create some other interesting results.

  3. Requesting that you refer to them as officers instead of guys is an old technique. it gets the subject a little rattled and re-establishes the chain of authority. These guys are currently using Israeli behavioral techniques to find terrorists. You got off lucky.

  4. P.S. I like your advanced notice to the Fundies about religious topics. It reminds me of tip-toeing around the Muslim sensibilities with regards to cartoons, teddy bars, and democratic rule.

  5. QB said

    Iranian Friend,

    These Border Security Officers are the few bad apples who are hanging around bus terminal to frighten people. Did take the bus from same terminal and they did not bother me again because am not doing anything illegal. The Greyhound women ticket clerk the other one on the the next window, I believe had given some kind of signal to these Border Security Guards.

    America still is much better place than any Middle Eastern country where I would have sent to prison without any charges.

  6. QB said


    The majority of US Immigration Officers, Police Officers are polite, respectful so the two Border Patrol Guards really did not change my good impression of US authorities. Have great respect and regard for all of them. Still don’t understand what the hell Border Patrol is doing in this city which is no way near to border.

  7. An Iranian said

    Hello my friend
    I regret to say that you are not right to compare USA and all the middle eastern counties in sending the people to prison as explained above.
    In both regions there are lots of mistakes . Human right is not respected very much in all over the world including USA(it is the worst) . Have not you heard/seen about the hidden prisons of USA in some other countries ,or the way the behave with their own people ?.
    I do not mention their behavior to the other parts of the world much .
    In fact most of US front runners have no value for their people ,otherwise
    they would have changed their policy. Jail is not just called to a special place.
    Jail can exist even when you are walking in the streets.
    I think in your new article you were not fair enough and I expect more from QB
    Thank you

  8. QB said

    Iranian Friend,

    This is my understanding of Muslim countries that where I will face death sentence for my views of Religion. Also certainly can’t criticize the governments in Muslim countries, will go to prison. Tried to criticize some of the wrong policies of Saudi and UAE government and instantly get banned from their website. The Saudi editor of Arabic Newspaper never understand my point of view instead he disabled me for posting responses on his discussion group.

    I am critical of Bush wrong policies but really do not fear to get targeted for writing what is very much different from majority of American and government views.

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