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Bush War on Terror. Taliban Resistance Growing.

Posted by QB on November 25, 2007

The Associated press published short news related to White House Intelligence Report, the conclusion of this report is that Taliban has the upper hand in Afghanistan and US failed to meet its objectives.

WASHINGTON (AFP) — The White House concluded in a recent secret report that the war effort in Afghanistan has not met strategic goals set this year, The Washington Post reported Sunday.

The newspaper, citing unnamed US officials, said the report was prepared earlier this month by the National Security Council.

Its main conclusion was that while individual military battles against the Taliban have been successful, other areas remain wanting, report said.

“One can point to a lot of indicators that are positive,” The Post quoted a senior US intelligence official as saying.

“We go out there and achieve our objectives and kill bad guys.”

But the extremists, he added, seem to have little trouble finding replacements, according to the paper.

While many foreigners, mostly Pakistani, join the Taliban, several officials said the main source of new recruits remain unhappy Afghans, The Post said.

“There doesn’t seem to be a lot of progress being made … I would think that from (the Taliban) standpoint, things are looking decent,” the paper quoted the intelligence official as saying.

This is the news story. This is what I said couple of few weeks before this report. The Pakistan military and the US occupation military can’t get rid of Taliban from NWFP and Afghanistan, they will kill few hundreds, who will be replaced by few thousands more whose brothers fathers get killed by the military to take revenge. The way “war on terror” is executed will last for ever.

The Bush regime spending time and money in reaching these conclusions whereas am giving to them free of charge. Hamid Karzai and Pervez Musharraf can’t kill all their population to win Bush “war on terror”. Hamid Karzai is desperately looking for some peaceful solution with Taliban which is not going anywhere because Taliban main demand is to give the timetable of all foreign troops withdrawal from Afghanistan with control of 18 provinces. Pervez Musharraf emergency failed to provide security in Pakistan’s capital where Taliban are attacking the military personnels in bombs attacks.

The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq should have never been started if Bush regime had little bit of intelligence. The best was to provide the evidence of Osama Bin Laden involvement to Mullah Omar and he was ready to hand him over to International court for trial. This would be the end of Al Qaida but with the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq Osama Bin Laden popularity has reached where Bush was after 9/11 attack. The Bush regime still has the chance to change the lost war into victory by accepting Taliban demands withdrawing their troops from their country. The US must keep providing the financial help to Afghanistan which will create jobs, provide education to kids, health care for the poor and very slowly try to change the Taliban mentality with the help of Muslim scholars making them realize that what they do in the name of religion is infact against Qur’an.


3 Responses to “Bush War on Terror. Taliban Resistance Growing.”

  1. jfjersey said

    Wow, After reading that it really changes your thoughts on the war. But if the U.S did infact take there troops out of Afghanistan or Iraq at this point, theres no way of knowing if the Al Qaida and taliban forces are building wepons of mass destruction. “Better safe then sorry” i always said. Then again if we were to take them out, then supplying health care, schools and such would still be the thing to do. It may have been different had the U.S went about 9/11 differently instead of reacting as fast as they did. Someone did it though and who better to blaim then Terrorist groups, people who bound them selfs to do bad on purpose thinking there doing whats right. It would all just end aswell if the Taliban, Al qaida did realize that the things they do are not really in the best intrests of there religion. Nor is it the true way to express there way of there Q’uarn.

  2. QB said

    Very confusing thoughts. Al Qaida and Taliban do not have the know how and facilities to build nuclear weapons. The WMD is scare is created for the people like you who believe anything told by their government. US presence in Iraq is, as a matter of fact, not making Americans safe. Al Qaida and Taliban gaining strength and popularity, they are determined to fight this war for decades to come at very nominal cost as compared to US cost which will be 200 billion dollars for next year.

  3. An Iranian said

    If the US realy be firm to finish the two terrorist groups ,they will have no difficulties.but in fact they are supported by the US.there are many evidences in this link .some of them have been mentioned on this blog too.

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