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Pervez Musharraf consolidate his grip on power.

Posted by QB on November 22, 2007

Pervez Musharraf is get all cleared signal from the Supreme Court to take oath as the civilian President for the next five years. Supreme Court ordered the election commission to rectify the Presidential elections results with Attorney General statement that Pervez Musharraf will resign as Chief of Army by Saturday. The political parties which were threatening to boycott the elections can’t take that risk because it will be leaving ground open for the other parties to win. The Iman Khan party is the only one which has announced to boycott January elections but that really will not change anything because his party only had one National Assembly seat, the one seat party has not big support of the public. The elections will be held, the results will be engineered splitting seats between Pervez Musharraf Leqgue (PML-Q) and Benazir Bhutto Pakistan Peoples Party and these two parties will form the federal government.

Pervez Musharraf now has to show some courage and urge US government to give timetable of occupation troops from Afghanistan, which is the main demand of Taliban, to stabilize the growing violent situation in Afghanistan and Pakistan.


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