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Pervez Musharraf facing criticism from US on Emergency Rule.

Posted by QB on November 20, 2007

Pervez Musharraf was put under pressure by Deputy Secretary of State Negroponte to restore the constitution and free political prisoners was rejected by him saying emergency rule is necessary to stop the nuclear-armed nation descending into chaos. The new election date announced is January 8, the opposition parties are threatening to boycott the elections under emergency rule. Benazir Bhutto spokesperson.

“The announcement of a date for elections means nothing because there can’t be fair elections under Musharraf,” Farhatullah Babar, spokesman for former prime minister Benazir Bhutto, said in a phone interview. “Before elections can be held, there needs to be restoration of the constitution, reinstatement of judges and Musharraf’s resignation as president.”

The U.S. has pressed Musharraf to hold free and fair elections and lift emergency rule. The U.S. says elections won’t be fair under emergency rule, this is really amusing that the elections in Afghanistan and Iraq were held under illegal criminal occupation which they consider legitimate and fair and Pakistan elections under Pervez Musharraf emergency rule is not accepted. This is hypocrisy.

The former cricketer turned politician is on hunger strike until Pervez Musharraf reinstall all the Supreme Court Judges. Imran Khan is complete failure as politician with his political party win one National Assembly seat which he himself win. It is better from him to die from hunger strike, which is not going to happen, instead of playing politics.

The US is trying to build gain support of Tribal Elders in Pakistan to fight Taliban and Al Qaida like Al Anbar province. The present situation in Pakistan tribal areas is in favor of Osama bin Laden and Mullah Omar. This effort can bring positive results with US giving the timetable of withdrawal, otherwise Taliban resistance will not stop.


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