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US Politicians and American Policies.

Posted by QB on November 16, 2007

The Bush regime is sending envoy to meet Pervez Musharraf to end the emergency rule and hold fair and transparent elections in January. The Bush regime also wanted Pervez Musharraf to be tough on their war on terror without realizing that is the main reason of Pervez Musharraf unpopularity loosing support of people. The Bush regime wanted the democracy and continue the war on terror which is not possible whoever get elected in January elections.

There was CNN Democrats Presidential debate last night where the front runner did not answer single question with honestly and intelligently, Hilary Clinton, Barak Obama, John Edwards responses were confusing, talking what people wanted to hear. Wolf Blitzer, the most biased dishonest person, was the moderator, completely ignorning Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich who had the clear plan to bring stability to US, restoring America’s image in the world. Dennis Kucinich is the only Presidential candidate who had pointed out  that the US policies are the main cause of Anti Americanism in Middle East and Muslim countries where they see these wars against Islam.

The front runners Hilary Clinton, Barak Obama, John Edwards with Chris Dodd, Joe Biden were answers on Iraq, Iran and Pakistan were similar to Bush regime promising not to let Iran build nuclear weapon, put more pressure on Pervez Musharraf to be tough in their war on terror, keep Afghanistan and Iraq under US occupation. Hilary Clinton might get the nomination of Democratic party because majority of Democrats believe that she has the best chances of beating Republican candidate in next general elections, just like when the Democrats nominated the wrong Presidential candidate John Kerry. Hilary Clinton might get the nomination but she will lost in next year elections.

The IAEA report on Iran Nuclear Program was due on Wednesday, which maybe made public which I have not read it yet. Bush regime and Britain Brown is wasting no time promising to be tough on Iran.


6 Responses to “US Politicians and American Policies.”

  1. An Iranian said

    I read the report of IAEA .Much more improvement is observed .Although it is not fair enough yet, but many disputes are closed and the negotiation is put in a positive path .The US and some of his allies are still in a tough position .The situation of the world is really funny .Not enough real logic exist .politicians act as children.
    They should try to solidify a wise common thinking among nations .Following that way will solve the problems of our world .without that violence and disasters will continue .Existence has certain rules .We should obey those rules .Miracle is the consequence of paying enough attention to those fundamental rules that are :
    To be fair ,to think of others benefit in a proper package as ours , to keep a way from unnecessary violence and lies , to respect justice , to soften the hearts , not to love money excessively and ….
    Hope we become real adults, not just in appearance but in our minds too. The distance between rightness and sin is just a step

  2. An Iranian said

    One question from American front runners:
    I remember one of your presidents was seriously accused for lies about a woman .All of you remember Monika Livinsky. They accused that president like his action has brought the world to the end .While Mr. Bush the Junior said the biggest lie about the presence of DWM in Iraq. Afterwards the US attacked Iraq and more than six hundred fifty thousand Iraqis are killed so far .How do you justify such a paradox?!!
    Do you believe that with such behaviors, other nations will accept the American type democracy?
    The nation of American does not realize yet that how their present government has destroyed their reputation.
    In fact September 11 is happened twice .Once when the airplanes hit the Twin Towers. second ,when Mr. Bush destroyed the liberty statue in New York .That statue is not the symbol of liberty any more .

  3. QB said

    Iranian Friend,

    Bill Clinton is very intelligent person and a political genius, his scandal was blown out of proportion by conservative Republicans. Bush lied killed over 1 million innocent Iraq and displaced over 4 millions who are living in refugee camps in neighboring countries in miserable conditions where they have no food to feed their innocent children. Bush Dick Rice Powell Rumsfeld are all mass murderers.

  4. An Iranian said

    Thanks My friend
    you are quite right.

  5. An Iranian said

    I read news about Rumsfeld .One of his notes was leaked out of Pentagon .He has advised the US related organization as follows:
    1- Every time the situation in Iraq becomes tough, just amplify the non important political issues of other regions for the Americans
    2- Whenever you want to attack or accuse Iran, do it with hardest statements and false propagandas.
    I think Rumsfeld is following this old advice of British politicians:
    Bigger the lies, better the nations believe them.
    Mr.Rumsfeld you are the idiot of the century .you are a man without any morality inside .You hate us but we like your nation .I really pray for you too .You have no time left .Try to fundamentally change. other wise you will be badly punished by History, by your own people and above all by God . I will see you and listen to your words just 100 years later . I know what will be your feeling at that time .Why don’t you understand and feel the fire that has so closely surrounded you?!!

  6. QB said

    Iranian Friend

    They are all war criminals.

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