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Consequences of Attack on Iran for US.

Posted by QB on November 15, 2007

The military expert told Congress that Iran attack will have dire consequences for both sides. This was my point of view since the beginning that Iran attack will be suicide for US military and the country. The Iranians will face more deaths and destructions because of US air power and WMD, but they have to defend their country and honor if attacked.

What would happen if the U.S. launched a shock and awe style attack against Iran?

Members of Congress today put that question to top military strategists. The answer — dire consequences for both sides.

Let’s turn to CNN’s senior Pentagon correspondent, Jamie McIntyre — Jamie, not a very optimistic scenario.

What did they say?

JAMIE MCINTYRE, CNN SENIOR PENTAGON CORRESPONDENT: Well, right Wolf. You would expect a debate over the pros and cons of attacking Iran to have a mixed reaction. But this panel on Capitol Hill found basically very few pros and a lot of cons.


MCINTYRE (voice-over): Even with its military stretched to the limit in Iraq, the U.S. retains the ability to launch punishing air strikes against Iran — targeting both terrorists and nuclear facilities.

But what would the air war accomplish?

Not much, according to military strategists who testified before a House subcommittee on national security.

COL. LAWRENCE WILKERSON (RET.), FORMER ADVISER TO COLIN POWELL: The more widespread strikes, while devastating — they would be — would solidify a nation of 70 plus million people — a great number of whom are under 35 years of age — a nation that is anything but solidified. And the uniting factor would be nationalism and a visceral hatred for America.

COL. SAMUEL GARDINER, U.S. AIR FORCE (RET.): We can destroy three to five years of construction. We know how long it took to build those. But the effect on the nuclear program, we may accelerate it. As a strategist, I would say you don’t take military action when you don’t know the outcome.

MCINTYRE: In fact, the strategists argue, going to war with Iran would just reinforce the belief it must have nuclear weapons to protect itself.

PAUL PILLAR, FORMER CIA OFFICIAL: Many would see the U.S. action as a blow not against proliferation of weapons, but against a Muslim country with a regime that Washington doesn’t happen to like. So the dominant global consequence, in my judgment — especially in the broader Muslim world — would be an increase in anti-Americanism.

MCINTYRE: The experts predict the ranks of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard would swell, its support of terrorism would increase and any moderates would be undercut. Still, some experts argue the military option should not be taken off the table because without it, Iran simply has no incentive to compromise.

ILAN BERMAN, AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY COUNCIL: Iran is not likely to bend to sanctions if it thinks all it has to do is weather sanctions and then there’s nothing else is coming down the pike. One of the world’s most dangerous regimes should not be allowed to acquire the world’s most dangerous weapon.


MCINTYRE: But even the lone voice in favor of maintaining the military option as a threat called it “deeply flawed and dangerous” and says it has to be weighed very carefully about the situation of living with Iran as a nuclear power — Wolf.

BLITZER: All right. Source Link : CNN – Situation Room Transcript.

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8 Responses to “Consequences of Attack on Iran for US.”

  1. An Iranian said

    Hi Qur’an-bible
    I can not find any contact address in your site to post the non related issues .Any way I have introduced your address to some Iranian web blogs to read you your site and either use the contents or take part in your discussions .
    any way due to the above reasons I had no choice except posting my comment in this wizard
    All the best

  2. An Iranian said

    In my opinion they have given their comments about many things except Iran military power that can be very dangerous . Obviously there is a reason not to high lighten that parameter. But believe me that they have a severe lack of information to estimate Iran power in this critical region.
    The region is like a TNT reservoir .Only a small flash is needed to bring sever consequences to the world .In my opinion they really know a little about Iran military capabilities and their plans. They should really take lesson in the recent war between Hesbollah and Israel also the last war of Iraq and Iran . They are thinking to strike and then declare cease fire to negotiate .But if a war happens they may not be able to control the fires arising from that .I really mean it .shame on them .Our minds can be activated to help humanity but instead both side should be involved to what to be done in case the war happens .

  3. QB said

    Iranian Friend,

    The reason for not providing email address is to avoid unnecessary spam, you can see that I have over 5 million spam messages on this blog. Do me a favor, next time give your email address in your comment. This is my promise that I will not leak your email address to anybody, never send you unnecessary spam.

    Thank you.

  4. An Iranian said

    Hi QB

  5. QB said

    Thank you Iranian Friend for trusting me. Will email you my email addresses, the real ones.

  6. Daniel Xiao Wang said


    I see an attack on Iran being imminent, expected, and provoked. But I believe Israel will be the one to attack.


    Iran and America are really already at war and the danger of it spilling in violent conflict is great.

  7. An Iranian said

    Many countries are already involved .As I have advised many times ,the best way is to decrease the level of violence between Iran and USA by direct negotiation . It is better to establish a sort of equilibrium between West and East. I think no body and no country should look for a mere power .That can not be achieved .Neither Russia, nor US or Iran or any other country should be a super power .Monopolies will bring corruption. It is better to create a partial dependency between all the countries in the world .Any power moving towards becoming a unique power will soon or late loose.
    USA should also pay attention to this fact .If they try to become more tough they will loose .Russia, China, India and others will take over and that will bring later violence and corruptions. As I frequently said, in my opinion politicians should change their overall view .We don’t want USA, Russia, China or even Iran be the only or biggest power . Countries should rely on the capabilities of each other and to be partially dependent .The power and dependency should be spread properly and fairly among different nations .In that case the violence and all the disasters will reduce and peace will be established among them . Different countries should try to improve their capabilities, but they should try to be friends to other nations and try to gain the trust of others by real and noble movements .In that case miracle will be seen. But in fact that situation is not miracle .It is the consequence of following the fundamental rules of the existence.
    I know that Iran Government like to have a good relation with all the countries including USA. If USA steps forward honestly, they are welcomed .But if they are thinking of using our national treasures such as oil, If they want good life for themselves while bringing disaster for others, it is impossible. How could you expect a cow to have an IQ over 170 ?! if that happens ,That creature will not be a cow any more . Nations living in the world are all human .They should be treated as human .If such a view is solidified most of our present problems will be solved .In fact we can become the great support For US, China ,Russia ,…. and vice verse they will be the same .My Idea can change into reality if we through away the selfishness .

  8. QB said

    Iranian Friend,

    Bush regime has learned a lesson in Iraq where they faced tough resistance. These poor Iraqis fighting with homemade bombs and outdated AK 47 can cause so much trouble for US Military than Iranian are better equipped with weapons and also 75 million Iranians will provide better fight than Iraqis.

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