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Pervez Musharraf lifted Benazir Bhutto House Arrest. Intelligent Decision.

Posted by QB on November 10, 2007

Pervez Musharraf lifted Benazir Bhutto house arrest order which is the correct political decision because that was giving her the advantage playing victim. This is real surprise that people forget her two terms as Prime Minister filled with corruption, putting opposition leaders behind bars, bloody military operation in Karachi, police operation killing her political opponents in police encounters and she still had the support of people. The people had the power to elect good honest people in democracy, but the majority of the people vote for corrupt rich politicians, who when get the power protect their own elite class completely ignoring the majority of poor peoples voters. The majority of voters cast their votes blindly worshiping their leaders personalities completely ignoring the that their leaders had broken all their past and this time it will not be anything different. The two provinces NWFP and Baluchistan people will again vote for the religious parties, who had done nothing except dividing people, promoting the Jihad which they themselves never fight.

The solution is easy it only require common sense to elect good honest politicians in US and Pakistan. The people can take control of the governments, its easy and simple, but that will be another post, when feel like writing.


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