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Pervez Musharraf Announced Election date. Pakstan 2008 Election Results.

Posted by QB on November 8, 2007

Pervez Musharraf announced that general will be held by mid February instead of January, he again under pressure announce the election date after Bush talked to him on phone. Pervez Musharraf an Army General, is weak person who doesn’t have the courage to take firm stand on principles, or maybe he is so used to of obeying orders, of his superiors in military service, that he really don’t know any other way. Pervez Musharraf is not strong leader, he is good subordinate.

The Democracy will not solve the problem of rising violence in NWFP, where people are angry at Pervez Musharraf policies of interferce in their areas, aggressive attacks, setting up military check posts, killing civilians is the root cause of the problem. The people of NWFP are angry at Pervez Musharraf because they see him as Bush puppet who is killing his own people to please US. The situation in NWFP is very much similar to East Pakistan, according to my analysis, where military was seen as the oppressors, killing the innocent people to bring down the civilian uprising which created hatred towards military by loosing the support of the people. The situation in NWFP is not very different, Pakistan military lost the trust and respect of the people and the Islamic Militants are fighting them so effectively that the Pakistan Military (or Security Forces) surrender without any resistance. These Islamic Militants had captured soldiers and Pakistan Military Officers rank upto Colonel, and this means that they have the better strategy to fight Pakistan Security Forces and are more motivated than their opponents.

Benazir Bhutto, who is Bush regime next hope, to continue their stupid “war on terror”, has called Pervez Musharraf pledge insufficient and asked him to step down as Army Chief of Staff in a week. The Bush regime, US Senate, US House of Representatives, European countries are wrong in thinking that elections will bring down the violence in Pakistan.

Bush regime wants Pervez Musharraf to share power with Benazir Bhutto indicate that the elections will not be fair and transparent in Pakistan, because there is no chance of Benazir Bhutto winning the clear majority running on White House platform. The probability is that election results will be engineered with no political party having the clear majority. According to my analysis, National Assembly seats will be divided between Pervez Musharraf League (PML-Q) and Benazir Bhutto party, with no clear clear majority. Pervez Musharraf will name Benazir Bhutto the next Prime Minister sharing power with his own Pervez Musharraf League (PML-Q), which is the safest option for him to remain President of Pakistan and to satisfy the criticism of Bush regime and European countries.

Benazir Bhutto, after becoming Prime Minster, will try to be more aggressive in fighting Bush “war on terror” which will make the situation worst risking to loose power for the third time. Benazir Bhutto, like her father, is power hungry maniac, if try to bring down the uprising with force, the result would be the same like creation of Waziristan just like Bangladesh. The simple solution is that Pakistan leaders tell Bush regime that the “war on terror” can only be won with negotiations with these Islamic Militants. The military actions, bombing of civilians will create more unrest and there is no end to this conflict, because Pakistan Taliban, Afghan Taliban will keep fighting as long as it take to resist the US and Pakistan Security Forces.

Taliban are more popular in NWFP than US and Pakistan forces. Osama Bin Laden and Mullah Omar are more popular than Bush Musharraf and Benazir in that region.


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