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Nancy Pelosi criticizes Pervez Musharraf State of Emergency.

Posted by QB on November 7, 2007

This is Nancy Pelosi statement trying to hit Bush and Musharraf with one shot. Nancy Pelosi is typical politician who is holding on to power for too long, her statement is stupid, shows her ignorance, lack of intelligence, lack of analytical skill, total political rhetoric to gain some advantages in next year elections.

On Monday, in response to Pakistan’s President Pervez Musharraf imposing emergency rule and suspending Pakistan’s constitution, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi issued a harsh statement condemning his actions and the policies of the Bush Administration toward him.

“For too long, President Musharraf failed to confront effectively his growing unpopularity. The Bush Administration enabled Musharraf’s delusion by ignoring his undemocratic acts and lack of internal support in exchange for his assistance in efforts against terrorism. Pakistan will only be a reliable and capable ally against terrorism when its government is not seen as an enemy by its own people,” said Pelosi.

Nancy Pelosi must understand that Pervez Musharraf did not had any other option except imposing emergency rule to survive. Bush regime policies towards Pervez Musharraf are the main cause of losing popular support of Pakistan people which he had, he lost the support of people trying to implement Bush regime policies of fighting “terrorism”. Pervez Musharraf had the support of majority of people before he started bombing and capturing his own people for US “war on terrorism”. He is seen as the enemy of its own people by taking orders from White House, the hatred for US is growing everyday, Osama Bin Laden popularity touching the highest level, and all this because of Bush regime policies of aggression which were approved by House of Representatives and Senate by huge majority. Nancy Pelosi and Democrats can’t blame Bush for all disasters, the Democrats are equally responsible for all this mess. He will get sometime with emergency rule and can survive, if he promised people of Pakistan and NWFP that he will not blindly follow Bush regime policies.


2 Responses to “Nancy Pelosi criticizes Pervez Musharraf State of Emergency.”

  1. Anonymous said

    I used to joke that study of our language should be more properly called “Anguish.”
    Although Pelosi is a singular noun, common use would be “criticizes”. In the same way, it would be “Hugo Chavez laughs” on your other header.
    Now I’m going to be doomed to head-scratching until I can recall the reason why.

  2. QB said

    Anonymous corrected. Thank you. Written these posts while working on something else by shifting back and forth to my work and the blog. There are plenty of errors in my posts which I see them when somebody comment, am lazy and just is not to much interest in correcting these errors.

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