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Iran Nuclear Program and Israel’s False Allegations against ElBaradei.

Posted by QB on November 6, 2007

The Israel Foreign Minister attacking IAEA ElBaradei is an indication that they want US to attack Iran. The allegations made by Israel Foreign Minister are not based on any hard evidence so they are lies. The purpose of these allegations is summarized as follows:

  • Creating fear amoung ignorant Americans.
  • Providing propaganda material for CNN and other mainstream media.
  • Get more support of Evanglicals who can put pressure on US government to take Military action against Iran.
  • Israel strong lobby to start their campaign to convince legislator Military action against Iran.
  • Bush regime is already inclined to attack Iran now have the new propaganda material to brainwash Americans.

The US and Israel government are the main reason for present violent situation in Middle East, any futher escalation of conflict will hurt US as well as Israel beyond their expectations and imaginations. Bush regime consists of schizophrenic maniacs who believe that Iran nuclear weapons will be threat for the world. Bush regime also believe that Pakistan nuclear weapons are real threat for US fearing that will fall into the hands of terrorists. These fears are refelect their schizophrenic approach rather than based on facts. Iran is cooperating with IAEA and it was reported by FARS Iranian news agency that their last meeting was successful, IAEA was satisfied with the meeting find no evidence of Iran’s hidden nuclear program, on the other hand Pakistan nuclear weapons are very well protected by strong Military has no chances of falling into the hands of terrorists. We the people of the world fear US and Israel stockpile of nuclear weapons which can blowup the whole world and these weapons are in the hands of mentally disabled Presidents of these countries.

Foreign Ministry Director-General Aharon Abramovich on Monday accused the International Atomic Energy Agency of thwarting the international efforts against Iran’s nuclear program.“Instead of contributing to the international efforts against Iran, the IAEA is acting as an obstructive element, whose opinions serve as an excuse for countries to refrain from joining the efforts against Tehran,” Abramovich said during a discussion of the Iranian issue at the Saban Forum.Israeli sources explained that ElBaradei was using caution in his criticism of Iran, after being the one who had warned against the war in Iraq, claiming that it did not possess weapons of mass destruction.“Now he is using the Iranian issue as an outlet for his anger,” a senior source at the Foreign Ministry said.Diplomatic sources in Jerusalem clarified that Abramovich’s remarks were the result of ElBaradei’s actions, which prevent the world from forming a united international front against Iran.According to the sources, the process of presenting questions to Tehran by the IAEA is taking too long and is creating a sense of activity, but is actually a process of “foot-dragging” which enables the Iranians to move forward. Diplomatic sources added that ElBaradei himself had a tendency of “wrapping the agency inspectors’ professional report with an introduction and summary remarks which create a political ‘spin’.”

The sources presented as an example one of the IAEA’s recent reports, submitted in February, in which the inspectors ruled that Iran did not provide information on its centrifuges and failed to explain where it got them from. Source: Y Net.

Robert Gates is in China begging to support more UN sanctions on Iran without getting any commitment from Chinese government.

Here comes fear mongering from Republican Presidential morons, the same old threat of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal falling into the hands of radical Islamist groups, should President Pervez Musharraf’s government eventually fall. The world will be more at risk if any of the Presidential candidate win 2008 elections, there is no possibility of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons falling in the hands of terrorists. Pakistan voters are just like American voters, IGNORANT, that they will vote for corrupt Benazir Bhutto, corrupt Nawaz Sharif in two provinces Sindh and Punjab, whoever win the majority of National Assembly seats in Punjab will form the federal government. The other two provinces North West Frontier Province and Baluchistan where the religious parties win the majority of Provincial Assembly seats. This means the Pakistan four provinces will be divided equally between moderates and religious parties with the chance of moderate to have control of federal government. The religious parties popularity in two provinces are due to rising anti Americanism among the population, where Osama Bin Laden Mullah Omar are way too popular than Musharraf Bush Benazir and I blame this on Bush stupidity.

The Zionist propaganda and lies will again drag US into another bloody war with Iran. IAEA does not have any information about Iran nuclear weapons program which is based on their inspection and intelligence but the Zionists keep spreading lies and propaganda against Iran.

Iran could procure nuclear weapons by 2009, a top Israeli intelligence analyst said.Brig. Gen. Yossi Baidatz, chief analyst for Israel’s military intelligence, told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Tuesday that if Iran’s nuclear program goes unchecked, it could produce warheads by the end of 2009 or the beginning of 2010.

Western powers believe Iran is two or three years further away from nuclear bomb-making capability.

Baidatz also said that the hard-line regime of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad looks strong despite its unpopularity at home and foreign pressure to abandon its atomic ambitions.


8 Responses to “Iran Nuclear Program and Israel’s False Allegations against ElBaradei.”

  1. David said

    Some words for my fellow ignorant Americans. AIPAC, spies and stolen secrets, Condi Rice, Wolfowitz. Foriegn policy, and don’t forget the USS Liberty and 34 dead American sailors. All presents from our ally Israel.

  2. QB said

    Thank you David. Have USS Liberty Memorial Link but hidden low down under Politics. Will move it on top.

  3. An Iranian said

    You are quite right in what you said above with one exception . dear friend
    if a war happens between US and Iran ,no one can guess what will happen next.Anarchism in the region will solidify in an incredible level that everything will be possible afterwards . In my opinion , the possibility of reaching the atomic bombs of Pakistan by terrorist groups will be possible ,if the situation of Middle east gets quite critical .It gets critical if this stupid Hitlers continue their present policy . Iran can be a great help to stabilize the calmness in the region if they stop to threat this country and have cooperation .
    My friend David truly mentioned about
    AIPAC .In fact USA is now one of provinces of Israel .Because many of Americans are just enjoying their life
    without knowing the serious tread beside them . Iran nuclear weapon!!!
    is just in the imaginations .
    No way for peace as long as one side trying to kill the other side .
    To die is not important .To destroy the generation of a country and torture them by getting their national proud and destroy all the aspect of their life is a real death .
    Do you know why for centuries sheep,cow,fish and pig has been used
    by us ? because they do not protest .they just let human eat and use them .No way for such attitude with Iran and any other nations .They may continue the war but they will be destroyed by themselves ,by Americans ,by economical disasters and by many other factors .But they will destroy America with themselves too .
    F=MA ,E=MCC .The same rules as physics
    exist in humans relation and societies .How could they resist against the rules of God or nature or what so ever you call it . Our existence is following a very precise combination of rules .
    I am advising your politicians again:
    Step forward ,negotiate with Iran and reduce all these violences .
    Although Iran is not the cause of violence .They should keep fighting with all the world even their own people .The main problem is inside their view.

  4. An Iranian said

    Let me tell you a true story ,in case Neocons stay on power :
    Evil always has an enemy in front of him .After M.E ,Russia , China ,Europe then America itself will be the next target.
    at that time they will call some Americans as bad guys .When those bad American guys are finished ,again some bad guys among the remaining guys will be targeted .That will continue until
    no life on the earth will be left .
    Be aware of these dangerous people .
    The enemy of the American nation is very near to them .It is not Iran .
    It is their politicians .
    What is really happened that some of Americans have become so blind ?
    What is it ?????

  5. QB said

    Iranian Friend,

    US will never think of military confrontation with Russia and China, European countries are US allies so no wars with them either. It is upto Americans to elect some intelligent President in 2008 by choosing either Dennis Kucinich or Ron Paul. The world will be better peaceful.

  6. An Iranian said

    My friend QB
    Iran was the US ally .Allies change to enemies as the time pass .In the world of present politic , everybody and country in front of them is an enemy .But the proper time to fight against each is different .Don’t you think if Asia is weakened up to death ,other wars will start ? Don’t you think if Middle East is weakened to death some sort of cold and then real war will happen between China ,Russia and US ?
    I hope to be able to express what I mean by the following statement :
    “Their logic says :
    attack the the weak enemy .But consider the priorities of attack to each of them ”

    This people only think of war .Hitler was thinking the same .In his mind his country was strong enough to occupy the whole world .The strategy to face the social and political issues for idiots are the same against the enemies as I explained above .

  7. QB said

    Iranian Friend,

    The US already are misguiding its Americans by creating false fear of Latin American countries getting united under the leadership of Hugo Chavez.They might be the next targets.

  8. An Iranian said

    You are right .In fact there are a lot of endless imaginary enemies that will come to their first priority in turn .
    That will continue until nobody is left .When I say nobody I really mean no body .This idea is what I tried to express in my previous comments.
    Logically fight will always continue if they are not properly prevented .
    I am absolutely sure that they will be eventually down .History has learned it to me .It is a definite judgment. But I hope nations do not suffer more .neither Jews ,nor Muslims
    or ……!!
    All the humans should take care of their own attitudes .Otherwise new evils will be frequently created.

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