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Afghanistan and Iraq Bush’s Lost Wars.

Posted by QB on November 6, 2007

The latest news is that 5 US soldiers killed by roadside IED’s in Iraq making 2007 the most deadliest year for US military occupation. The violence in Iraq is low in last few months but this low violence happened many times in last five years which look like that Iraqi Resistance has given up, but they always came back with more sophisticated techniques with more powerful IEDs after that down time. The Bush regime with Republican Lawmkers that US troops escalation strategy is working, looking at the past it looks like that Iraqi Resistance is up to something, maybe trying to create unity with Sunni Shia resistance groups, acquiring new weapons, learning the new techniques to build more power IEDs, really don’t exactly know.

The suicide attacked killed 64 Afghans including 5 members of parliament.

The US occupation military is still facing very tough resistance in Afghanistan and Iraq.


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