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Pervez Musharraf emergency is the only way out of current violent situation in Pakistan. US Europe UN wants democracy in Pakistan.

Posted by QB on November 5, 2007

The US European countries wants democracy in Pakistan, new UN Secretary General Bank Ki-moon joining them calling to release of all detained under emergency rule and restoration of democracy. The UN must pay attention to more important issues like Iran US nuclear conflict, withdrawal of US occupation troops from Afghanistan and Iraq instead of worrying about democracy in Pakistan. The UN also called to release all the Judges and Lawyers detained. The Judges and Lawyers who are under house arrest, are responsible for this step taken by Pervez Musharraf by creating unnecessary blockade with their biased rulings. The US European countries UN Secretary General and UN must borrow some common sense than they will realize that this State Of Emergency is necessary for Pervez Musharraf to go after the Islamic Militants without getting interferences from High Courts or Supreme Court. They can’t have it both ways, either take democracy with completely discontinuation of their favorite “war on terror”, otherwise let Pervez Musharraf do what he is trying to achieve with imposing this emergency.

The majority of Pakistan politicians are corrupt, dishonest, liars who will only bring more chaos, more unrest and the democratic government can’t survive more then few months if they follow Bush regime policies. The latest situation in Swat is that there are clashes with Islamic Militans and Security Forces with constant exchange of fire. There are also reports of about 30 huge blasts in that area with no reports of casualties except there few children reported injured with Security Forces mortar fires.

Bush, Ban Ki-moon and all the European leaders STFU.

Benazir Bhutto criticize Pervez Musharraf emergency as Martial Law, talking with Time, she is keeping the doors open for negotiations. Benazir Bhutto is so much power hungry that she will not hesitate to negotiate and sign deal with Satan.


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