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US – Britain reaction on Pervez Musharraf emergency.

Posted by QB on November 4, 2007

The US and Britain reacted very strongly on Pervez Musharraf decision to declare emergency rule in Pakistan. The US and the British government wants the democracy in Pakistan and keep fighting their stupid war on terror which is not possible because this is the main cause of rising Islamic extremism in Pakistan. The real democratic government in Middle East or any other other country of the world will not allow US to use their countries as battlefield for “war on terror” or for “war on drugs”. The Turkey is the most liberal Muslim democratic country in the world with 9% positive opinion of US. There is constant growing anger in Pakistan after Afghanistan invasion and occupation and the majority of Pashtoon see Pervez Musharraf as White House puppet, bombing and killing innocent civilians for US aid. The people and the Islamic parties also believe US war is against Islam and Muslims. The Osama Bin Laden and Mullah Omar are more popular than Bush Musharraf and Benazir in North West Frontier Province and Baluchistan because Bush reaction to 9/11 attack was stupid and arrogant. The Bush regime and his closest ally Britain are trying to hide their mistakes and blunders by blaming Pervez Musharraf not doing enough on their “war on terror”. My prediction was that Pervez Musharraf has one easy way out of this crisis months ago with declaring state of emergency, he did exactly what was predicted.

Pervez Musharraf imposing emergency rule in Pakistan was the only way for holding on to his power with growing opposition against Islamic Militants, opposition parties, Supreme Court threats not to validate his presidential election results. Pervez Musharraf needed the time which he get it with imposing emergency. Condoleezza Rice is threatening to cut Pakistan military aid putting pressure on him for democratic elections sharing power with Benazir Bhutto. The most of the people did not pay attention, how Bush regime know that Benazir Bhutto will win the majority of seats to form federal government? There is only one way of knowing that Benazir Bhutto will win the election, is by rigging the elections and engineered the results of their liking.

Benazir Bhutto also send an email to one journalists who make that public when talking to Wolf Blitzer on Sunday Late eddition, in that email she said that ISI is planning to bring down Hamid Karzai government replacing him with Pakistani puppet President. This allegation is not based upon any intelligence because she have no way of knowing what ISI is planning, this is more like a false accusation to gain more US support just like Ahmed Chalabi. Benazir Bhutto shameless with quickly issuing statement that State of Emergency violate “human rights”, herself had very bad record of human rights violations during her two terms as Prime Minister. The Pakistanis must not forget that she is the daughter of power hungry father who did not hesitate to break the country to become Prime Minister and she can do the same to become Prime Minister. This time NWFP and Baluchistan will breakup from Pakistan if the Pervez Musharraf and Benazir Bhutto keep pushing Bush stupid “war on terror”. Benazir Bhutto who is calling this human rights violations, did violate the human rights when she was in power. Imran Khan talking to BBC on phone condemn Pervez Musharraf emergency, he believe that he is under house arrest because government fear that he will start the popular movement, this is really a joke, Imran Khan party has one National Assembly seat, himself. The party of one national assembly seat is no threat to Pervez Musharraf government, Imran Khan must be worried about keeping his one seat in assembly in next election instead of criticizing emergency rule.

The US and its European allies can’t win “war on terror” with guns tanks and bombs with Pakistan help. The Taliban has defeated the Pakistan military and security forces since the beginning of this war by killing hundreds and capturing hundreds of soldiers. Taliban moral looks like is very high comparing to Pakistan military. The solution to resolve the conflict is through negotiations with Taliban, listening their grievances and reaching to an mutual peaceful agreement.

Written in June, 2007, Pervez Musharraf did not dissolved the National and Provincial Assemblies, but take control of power with declaring State of Emergency.

Pervez Musharraf future look safe.

The Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry look like criminal Mafia Boss rather than the Chief Justice. mafia-boss-or-chief-justice.jpgPervez Musharraf government must file corruption cases against this corrupt Judge for misuse of his powers, giving his son unfair financial benefits using his powers. Pervez Musharraf must take action before this snake come out start playing victim. Pervez Musharraf must now show some courage. My impression of Pervez Musharraf is that he is weak and man with no courage to take a stand on principles. Pervez Mushrraf is more like a coward, a good subordinate who can take and obey orders of Bush regime, cutting deal with the most corrupt politician Benazir Bhutto. Pervez Musharraf don’t look like strong intelligent man.


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