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Dennis Kucinich to introduce Dick impeachment resoltuion.

Posted by QB on November 4, 2007

Dennis Kucinich should include Bush on this resolution. That will be perfect.

Congressman Dennis Kucinich says he will offer a resolution to the House of Representatives to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney.The Democratic lawmaker who will introduce his privileged resolution next week said on Friday that the momentum is built for Cheney’s impeachment.“Millions of citizens across the nation are demanding Congress to stand up against the Vice President’s abuse of power,” Kucinich said.

“The Vice President continues to use his office to advocate continued occupation of Iraq and prod our nation into a belligerent stance against Iran,” added the US presidential hopeful.

While the American media has decided to keep Kucinich’s announcement on a low profile 54 percent of the Americans are in favor of impeaching Cheney according to an American Research Group survey conducted last July.

Analysts believe the number of pro-impeachment Americans is on the rise due to Cheney’s hawkish policies towards the Islamic republic.

This is just reported on CNN that Dennis Kucinich impeachment resolution did not get the support of Democrats whereas Republicans voted in favor of his resolution. Nancy Pelosi is sticking to her promise that impeachment is off the table.


7 Responses to “Dennis Kucinich to introduce Dick impeachment resoltuion.”

  1. Debra Poss said

    I will call my Congressional office on Monday, and urge my representative to support H. Res. 333!

  2. QB said

    Thank you Debra Poss.

  3. David said

    Cheney is the real evil behind this president. Bush is only a puppet.
    PNAC memeber Cheney must go… he has violated the constitution with his threats of violence against Iran. Not to mention violated our national security. The goal of the PNAC is world dominance or global hegemony by the United States. This must not be allowed to happen….!
    Or even be attempted, I see very little difference between this and what Hitler tried to do. I just pray that the members of Congress have the backbone to adhere to the oath of office they took when elected. To uphold the constitution of the United States of America.

  4. QB said


    Nancy Pelosi will not the resolution go for up or down vote in Congress. I just posted this to promote Dennis Kucinich Presidential campaign. He is the most honest truthful politician who is completely ignored by CNN and all other networks, so am trying to do whatever I can to give his candidacy some momentum.

  5. David said

    Kucinich is being given a hour to debate the impeachment. If you read the articles of impeachment against him on Kucinichs website. Article 3 is the strongest one. Pelosi might not have a choice in the matter.
    The media is trying to sell Clinton to the American people. But many of us aren’t buying it. Obama, Kucinich, Edwards are the possible candidates.
    Or Gore if he was to jump in the race. He has alot of pressure to run. And a LOT of support.

  6. David said

    UPDATE : You of course were right QB, Pelosi didn’t want it. And the republicans tried to play political games. It has been sent to a judiciary panel. I am disgusted with my government. Lies to the people and violations of our constitution are apparently no longer impeachable offenses. ARGH…!!!

  7. QB said

    This is really said but the good news is that Dennis Kucinich win the DFA poll. I sincerely wish this will give him some momentum before New Hampshire. Maybe this time Democrats chose the right candidate which would be like miracle.

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