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Pervez Mushrraf declared state of emergency.

Posted by QB on November 3, 2007

Pervez Musharraf declared state of emergency, immediately fired the Supreme Court Chief Justice Chaudary Iftikhar, Benazir Bhutto who again managed to escapse to Dubai will not return to Pakistan. The other news is that Benazir Bhutto plane landed on Karachi airport.

This is kind of too much news for me did not pay any attention to the news was watching BNP Paribas Semi Final between Nadal and Baghdatis. This is interesting development but right now don’t feel like writing anything at all. Pervez Muaharraf, if want to rule Pakistan, than must tell Bush and Dick to “go and f**k yourself”. Condoleezza Rice will be in Pakistan Pervez Musharraf also must tell her to shut up, and give her some taste of waterboarding. Pervez Musharraf will address the nation on TV.


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