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Pakistan situation – Pervez Musharraf failures.

Posted by QB on November 2, 2007

The Pakistan’s situation is getting worst with the rising militancy in North West Frontier Province who had the popular support of the public. The main reason is Pervez Musharraf following blindly Bush “war on terror” which is creating more hatred towards his government and US. The militants claim to captured 48 Pakistani soldiers, according to AP news. The girls schools are closed or bombed, Mullah Fazlullah call for the banning of polio vaccinations for children, which he believe made men impotent. Taliban rejected several truce appeals offered by Pervez Musharraf in past few days. Taliban from NWFP are freely crossing into Afghanistan to strike occupation military before they go on winter break.

These are the clear indication that Pervez Musharraf “war on terror” is not the solution the way Pakistan and US is fighting, the support for Islamic Militants is growing amoung population. These Islamic Militants violence is not restricted to NWFP, they are carrying out their bombing attacks in Pakistan capital Islamabad whenever they want.

Benazir Bhutto again left for Dubai after killing 140 people and injuring over 550, which is surprise because it was reported that her name is on no exit list due to her pending corruption cases in Pakistan courts. Benazir Bhutto get the permission to leave Pakistan must be decision made by Condoleezza Rice and White House.

Bush “war on terror” is total failure.


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