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Dennis Kucinich Presidential Candidate.

Posted by QB on November 2, 2007

Dennis Kucinich the real choice for next President of US, if Americans really want peace and stability.

Bush Administration has been targeting Iran for aggression for longer than previously acknowledged, Democratic Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich said today.Rumsfeld, one of the architects and chief advocates of the war against Iraq, wrote in one memo, “Iraq is only one battleground,” according to revelations in today’s Washington Post. In other memos, termed “snowflakes” by Administration officials, Rumsfeld wrote of the need to “keep elevating the threat,” and “link Iraq to Iran,” according to the newspaper account. Further, the Post reported, Rumsfeld argued, ” … if we fail in Iraq, it will advantage Iran,” in an April 2006 memo.“From the Oval Office on down, this Administration has been targeting Iran as the next domino it wants to topple,” Kucinich said today. “They used lies and deceit to take this nation into war, and they have been fabricating justifications to launch a second war against Iran. The criminality of these actions must be addressed by the Congress of the United States of America.”

Source : Yahoo News.

The few minutes I can spare now to post this.


2 Responses to “Dennis Kucinich Presidential Candidate.”

  1. Debra Poss said

    Many thank-yous to Dennis Kucinich for speaking out and helping all of us to maintain clarity at a time when our government is confusing the issues, intentionally and completely!

  2. politux said

    Dennis Kucinich is a true American Hero.

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