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The Mixed Reaction from Iran on Sanctions.

Posted by QB on October 27, 2007

The reported reaction on latest US sanctions from Iran is showing division with new Nuclear negotiator believe that these sanctions will not hurt Iran. Iran’s new chief nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili on Friday brushed aside the latest US sanctions saying they would have no effect on the country’s nuclear policies, the ISNA news agency reported.

“These sanctions are nothing new. Sanctions have been imposed on us for 28 years. The new sanctions, like all those before, will have no effect on Iran�s policies,” Mr Jalili said at Tehran airport on his return from talks in Rome with European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana.

“The sanctions will only isolate the US on the international stage,” he said.

The Iran reformist party is criticizing Ahmadinejad government for not dealing with the nuclear issue effectively leading to these sanctions. The reformists argue Iran should return to suspending enrichment, the policy under Mohammad Khatami, the former president, who attended the meeting. The Islamic Iran Participation Front warned of an escalating crisis with the international community, calling for a review of Tehran’s nuclear policy.

At a meeting of the party attended by 200 people, Mohsen Mirdamadi, the party’s secretary-general, said: “The government should refrain from its adventurous policies.”

This is very clear division but the Reformist party and Iran Pan Islamic party know that Amhadinejad is dealing Iran nuclear issue according to policies set by Khemeini because he has the final authority to make decision on Iran nuclear issue. The Reformists and Iran Pan Islamic party should also understand that abandoning their nuclear program will never satisfy US and its European allies, they will find new accusations against Iran pushing them to the corner until they give power to someone like Hamid Karzai Nouri Al Maliki Pervez Musharraf.

There is no statement from Ahmadinejad or Khemini on the latest sanctions but CNN reported that Iran military mocked US and Israel with parade with creating US flags and David cross. Also reported from Pentagon that US military has start developing 30 thousand pounds bunker buster bomb in preparation of Iran invasion, but the Chief of Staff also said that Iran crisis must be resolved with negotiations not military confrontation.


7 Responses to “The Mixed Reaction from Iran on Sanctions.”

  1. An Iranian said

    my friend QB:
    You are absolutely right in saying the following :
    “The Reformists and Iran Pan Islamic party should also understand that abandoning their nuclear program will never satisfy US and its European allies, they will find new accusations against Iran ”

    Well done ,very clear and wise thinking.
    I was reading about the reasons of the
    latest US sanction as Codollica said :
    1- Iran nuclear activity
    2- buying missiles
    3- interfering in Iraq against US troops
    As you see two more reasons are added to the previous atomic issue
    They have invaded Iraq ,killed more than 650,000 Iraqis ,always try to frighten Iran at the borders and still talk about democracy .It is a real disaster .They will force us to kill some innocent American soldiers and Americans to kill us .While non of us
    want that . again their own children
    live happily without war and poor Americans and Iranians are forced to death .
    I believe in God justice and our resistance .They will destroy themselves .Russia and China know clearly that after us it is their turn
    Arab nations will be another target .
    They do not seat and just look .
    Can you guess what a disaster will happen afterwards .Bush was even unable to manage a company .All were faced with bankruptcy .How could he manage a country ?
    They want corruption and gradual death for us .Do they feel how hard is to be put in that situation? .Our children die under their bombs ,our economy to be destroyed ,our life to be F**ed .
    We just breath till die .Isn’t it a real hardest torture ? we will overcome to this new created US disaster as we did in the past .but this time is their end .They will loose this battle very quickly.

  2. QB said

    Iranian Friend,

    The question is why than the Reformist and Islamic party wants to end their uranium enrichment program? Ahmadinejad does not have the final say on Iran’s nuclear issue, the parties who are criticizing him very well know that the President is following the policies of Khamenei. The division over Iran nuclear issue give the advantage to US and its European allies. Iranians must understand this very clearly. US right now if attack Iran it will be bigger disaster for him, bigger than Afghanistan and Iraq where they are facing trouble winning the wars with out dated weapons and homemade explosive devices.

  3. An Iranian said

    Hi QB
    In fact those parties have problem with the internal policies of Ahmadinejad .
    They know the truth but act unreasonably .Although among them there are a few American spies, but if the situation becomes tougher ,the great majority of them will get united with Ahmadinejad against US .
    I am sure about that because I know this country very well .We all have many points and objections against our government and regime behaviors.They do not act properly inside the country .But this should be solved by ourselves without any violence .It should be proceeded in a quite democratic manner and not by west or East . West or East politicians have no interest on our fortune .If they interfere and take the command of Iran ,the greatest disaster of the century will
    happen not only to the region but the whole world . Satan will then get more power .
    All the societies are linked to each other .If devils improve ,they will spread more rapidly .They act as microbes inside out body .
    Regarding our peaceful atomic activities,I would like to insist that we need that technology for peaceful means .This technology is necessary for our nation ,considering that oil and gas resources will end soon .So energy is one of our main concerns. 100 years later we will be faced with real problems.Who will assist us at that time ? You are clearly observing that nowadays we have the capable energy resources but how they are behaving with us ?what will happen to our future generation if we even have no energy resource to use.
    the main point is that, energy is one of the issues in our peaceful atomic
    activity .There are many applications in medical and other industrial fields .
    Another point is that we are one of the most independents countries in the present century .We don’t need others to order us what to do ,while
    we are following our own peaceful right( Off course we need advise and even harder actions if we move towards a wrong direction ).
    Believe me ,on the order of magnitude base ,if we had done just 0.0001th of what they are doing to the world ,Iran would have been completely destroyed by their mass destruction weapons.

  4. An Iranian said

    Hi friend QB
    I would like to express and explain this complicated issue in a summarized and simple form :
    1- Sanctions for sure have some negative effects.
    2- Due to our special circumstance ,the direction of our markets are changing to Russia , china ,India …..
    In some industries they are good and in some not.It does not matter for us very much at this stage .We need time to resist .Passing the time is along our benefit and not west’s .
    3- We have good solutions to all these banking sanctions .The sanction will
    have positive effect on our dependency , to western economy and their financial systems .
    4- We are not alone in the world .as US politicians are becoming more nervous and unreasonable , they loose more chance of the trust and friendship of governments and nations .This fact leads the world to new formations of power configuration .
    5- Human being is very tough . they can live under most sever conditions ,if they have a proper enthusiasm to do so .We have suffered a lot from different disasters .So we are more trained against threads . The threads
    frightening our ordinary American friends seem funny to us .
    6 – if any war happens ,we are
    equipped for that .So what ? they will
    destroy our infrastructures , they could be rebuild .They destroy our atomic establishment ,we have the technology to rebuild them .But the last chance will be taken from them .Some countries have fear from US forces .This fear will be destroyed .
    They can’t change Iran regime.
    7- America is financially and mentally
    under critical condition .they can not afford another war considering that we are more stronger and are not as Iraq and Afghanistan.
    8 – oil price will substantially increase .Another problem to the world economy growth .
    9 – If they attack ,for sure Israel and US will suffer a lot . US will be in danger too . We are able to fire tens of thousands of missiles and rockets from even center of Iran to the enemy targets .They will suffer too .US has 10 tones controlling bombs
    We have two tones controlling bombs . The ten tones of ours are under fabrication and soon will be ready .They know about it.
    The story of our war with Iraq and US attack to Iraq and Afghanistan warned us enough to be ready for these days .
    US should not have any hope on the powerful oppositions in Iran .As the situation gets harder ,they will become more united against the outside enemy .
    10 – It is impossible to invade Iran from the ground . the expenses will be so high that US bankruptcy will completely happen .
    11- There are about two hundred million people living in Middle East .
    They don’t like US policies .If any attack happens ,prediction of coming disasters is really difficult .Even by using fuzzy logic and cybernetic analysis ,impossible to predict about the horrible consequences of a new war.
    12 – Apart from Middle East, Russia and China will not seat quite and just look .The situation in India will change also

    the horrible consequences of new problems is far behind the ability of
    small brains of Chainy and Bush .
    They are humans .Like others .So are their other friends .haven’t you seen their frequent and great mistakes in the past .The best way is to negotiate with Iran to come to a peaceful conclusion .They really should forget about changing this regime .They can have their benefit and our friendship too .But they should also respect our benefit .I am really surprised with their great lack of knowledge in this critical region .Apparently god has made them blind .
    Why war? why creating disaster? ,why not helping each other? why not listening to Jesus and Mohammad messages ? why destroying our powers ? Why not listening to logics ? why creating terrorists ? they are not all evils .Bad policies and oppression guide them to bad directions .We are all the children of one creator .Why so much hate ?

  5. QB said

    Iranian Friend,

    Understand your perspective, it is good to know that Iranian nation will be united if attacked. We are hope and wish that Bush show some intelligence by not invading Iran. Don’t want another war. Am sick of humanitarian suffering in Iraq. The majority majority of them are elderly, women, innocent children. They lost their homes, they lost their means of living, four million flee their country living in refugee camps.

    Just for God’s sake no more war.

  6. An Iranian said

    Dear friend
    Thank you for your sympathy
    Believe me that they can not invade Iran
    It is impossible. They may be so stupid to attack .But they have to seat and negotiate at last.At that time Iranian regime is still on power and this would be their final defeat because they have played their last cards.

  7. An Iranian said

    Hi dear friend
    today I heard from the news , US has angrily declared that Elbaradei is just a technical manager and he should not get involved in politics .White House speaker added that diplomacy and other related issues about Iran peaceful nuclear activity are the duty of the so called International Society (obviously the Security Council of UN!!!) .
    You see that due to the bad altitude of nations, how these Hitler natured people have become so rude and how ordering the world without being ashamed at all .
    you see how seriously they are threatening humanity . It is a great mistake if ordinary Americans and other nations think that their turn will not come . These people want everything for themselves .They are f**king America’s reputation and economy too fast .
    Just from this scenario you clearly can guess how valid are their other accusations against Iran .We are not as bad as they try to show .There are many freedoms in Iran with a well cultured people but under pressure .
    Our regime has its own problems but they are not really evils .Vice verse those people who are governing USA are real evils . They are the great disaster of this century .
    How the free world accept such behaviors ? how could they expect that their ideology and the way they live will be accepted by others? What they want to do ? don’t they feel empty and suspended in the air ? how could they persuade themselves to live freely while others are put to death ? Do they thing they will be safe ? if these politicians get more power the difference between poor and rich shall become incredible . with this attitude two groups will be left , only sheep and wolfs . To whom can we complain about these mad Yankees ?
    They have left nothing to us except
    getting our rights with our own hands and we will have it, but shall badly hurt these people because they f**ed our life .
    I don’t know how many people read your web log .But I like to communicate with your site because I feel that you understand us .Thanks for your great job .
    I sincerely ask the readers to put more comments on this site .It will be effective and helpful.
    Best Wishes

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