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Europe Missile Defense System is still big issue for Putin.

Posted by QB on October 27, 2007

The Bush regime planned installing Missile Defense System is making Russian President very uncomfortable calling it security risk for Russia. Putin is comparing Bush regime planned Missile Defense System to 1960 Russia Missile System installed in Cuba. He also said that Russia has dismantle all its Missile Defense System from Vietnam and Cuba.

”Analogous actions by the Soviet Union, when it deployed missiles in Cuba, prompted the ‘Caribbean crisis,”’ Putin said at a news conference at the end of a European Union-Russian summit in Portugal, using the Russian term for the Cuban missile crisis.”Such a threat is being set up on our borders,” he said.</td

Putin was diplomatic saying that US is listening to Russia’s concern, which is not true, Bush is madman running with razer blade, don’t listen and pay attention to any advice which can end useless conflicts. The purpose of Bush criminal regime is to create new conflicts not to bring peace to this world. Hugo Chavez was right that Oil prices soon hit USD 100 barrel if Bush did not stop threatening Oil producing countries, yesterday Oil close at USD 92 barrel. Hugo Chavez also suggested a solution which is to “send Bush to mental hospital”, this sure will work.


One Response to “Europe Missile Defense System is still big issue for Putin.”

  1. aryanon said

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