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Call for Putin to remain President for the third term.

Posted by QB on October 27, 2007

Sergei Mironov, speaker of Russia’s upper house, said the issue of a third term for Mr Putin had “not been taken off the agenda” in spite of a constitutional bar on presidents serving more than two consecutive terms. Also there were rallies held in many Russian cities urging Putin to continue his Presidency for the third term in the best interest of country and the nation. There will be more similar rallies planned in other cities with more legislatures to demand what speaker of the house is saying.

The term limit in Russian constitution is included making US term limit which is very undemocratic in my own opinion. The term limit takes away the option from the people who wanted to reelect the same candidate as long as they want. The result of 2000 would be very different with Bill Clinton running for his third term.

What would Malaysia look like today if Dr. Mahathir Mohammad had to leave office after two terms? Malaysia would still be a third world country, ruled by corrupt politicians.

Russians don’t have to follow US constitutional amendment of two lime. Just change the constitution.


One Response to “Call for Putin to remain President for the third term.”

  1. Giselle said

    I just can’t see another President taking over in medias Res. Putin knows what is going on. Russian needs Putin. Russia, Vote for Putin.

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