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Bush regime drop sanctions WMD on Iran. Iran response update.

Posted by QB on October 25, 2007

The Bush regime finally dropped “Sanctions” destructive WMD unilaterally on Iran, these sanctions are the hardest since 1979. The US sanctions are the most cruel punishment for the common people of that country, sanctions only hurt the poor people not the ruler class and elite class. The US sanctions has make the lives miserable for Cubans from last 50 years, the North Koreans are suffering from these sanctions, Iraqis suffer 14 years with US imposing sanctions, without producing any positive results except hatred towards US by the people whose lives become miserable.

The US State Department was lecturing Turkey not to take any unilateral action against Kurdish terrorists is now imposing unilateral sanctions on Iran. Hypocrisy. The purpose of this sanction is to isolate Iran and destroy their economy financially which will not work because China, Russia, Pakistan and India has huge interest doing business with Iran which is needed for their growing economies.

The US Presidential candidates for 2008 are saying what their voters wanted to hear. Mitt Romney want to take military action with some bombardment to prevent Iran getting nuclear weapons. Barak Obama believe that sanctions are necessary. John Edwards is criticizing Hilary Clinton vote on declaring Iranian Revolutionary Guards as terrorists organization blaming her giving way for Bush regime to start military offensive against Iran just like he did in Iraq.

These morons are completely ignoring the facts that Iran is not doing high grade uranium enrichment which can be used in nuclear weapons. They are also ignoring the facts that Iran is in very initial stage of its nuclear program and will will take atleast decade to build nuclear weapon, if they want one, which Iranian deny, also there is no evidence from the IAEA inspections that Iran is developing nuclear weapons. These corrupt politicians again are trying to scare common American voters to get into power.

“Why worsen the situation and bring it to a dead end by threatening sanctions or military action,” Putin said in a veiled reference to the U.S. push for harsher international sanctions against Tehran.“Running around like a madman with a razor blade, waving it around, is not the best way to resolve the situation,” the Russian leader said.

Putin is showing his support for Iran and he is advising Bush to adopt diplomacy. Right approach great leadership.

Bush regime closest allies Britain applauded the US sanctions, France and Germany back these sanctions. They are stupid, this is my prediction that this new sanction will backfire, Iran will take be more determined than ever to keep its nuclear program alive. Iran economy will not collapse because of China, Russia, Pakistan and India and also the Latin American countries Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Cuba.

“Other countries support and praise us regarding Iran’s cooperation with the agency,” Larijani said in comments carried by Iran’s ISNA news agency after his return from talks with European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana in Rome.“But America’s behaviour shows that it doesn’t make any difference whether Iran cooperates with the agency or not. Well, if that is the case, you should expect something else from Iran,” he said, adding that European states had urged Iran not to respond to the “bullying behaviour of (some) countries”.

Larijani was replaced as chief nuclear negotiator on Saturday but remains on the Supreme National Security Council, which helps make policy. He attended the Rome talks in that capacity with the new chief negotiator, Saeed Jalili.

“With this behaviour, the Americans are only isolating themselves,” Jalili said of the sanctions, according to the official IRNA news agency. New U.S. sanctions could push Tehran to rethink its cooperation with the United Nations atomic watchdog, Iran’s former chief nuclear negotiator said on Friday.

Ali Larijani was speaking a day after Washington branded Iran’s Revolutionary Guards a proliferator of weapons of mass destruction and imposed new sanctions on the country, which it accuses of trying to develop atomic weapons.

Iran denies the charge and has agreed to clear up long-standing suspicions about its nuclear goals with the U.N. International Atomic Energy Agency. But it has refused to halt sensitive atomic work as demanded by the U.N. Security Council.

This is what happened before the Iraq war, the lies, the UN dramatic presentation by creep Collin Powell, main stream media broadcasting Bush regime propaganda to scare Americans, main stream media is reporting lies that Ahmadinejad wants to destroy Israel by completely ignoring what he actually said. The Israel allegation was also used against Saddam Hussein that he is the main sponsor of terrorism by awarding suicide bombers money. We already watched this movie. Bring something new and intelligent.


7 Responses to “Bush regime drop sanctions WMD on Iran. Iran response update.”

  1. David said

    Just to let you know…About 50 to 60 percent of the American people know that Iran most likely isn’t seeking to develop nuclear weapons. But our government has become very good at selling fear to the people. And the media love’s it too…Fear violence and death sells stories. It is a very sad part of our society. Many of us, myself included are trying to educate those that will listen. Trying to get people to understand the history behind our treatment of the Iranian people. And that we MUST listen to what the IAEA has to say. Not to mention Putin. We are trying to point out the hypocrisy that Israel should be able to have so many WMD’s and yet expect nobody else to be able to defend themselves if need be. All we can do is hope that Edwards, Kucinich or perhaps even Al Gore is our next president. Perhaps Clinton is just talking tough so as to win votes from those who are afraid. But if a candidate can’t win a election on the truth. Then I would rather that they not run…. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the IAEA report due out in Nov. is a good one.
    These crazy people running our country right now don’t need much of a reason to try and sell us another war based on lies, and half truths.

  2. QB said


    The CNN polls show that majority of Americans believe Iran is developing nuclear weapon, maybe CNN too is trying to sell Iran war like Bush regime just like Iraq. CNN poll also show that majority of the Americans are against taking any military action in Iran. The problem with the Democracy is that honest politicians don’t win the election, here Dennis Kucinich is the good example who opposed this war from the beginning, promised to bring US troops home within six months in 2004 with handing over Iraq to UN. Also Ron Paul is another candidate who is truthful and honest.

    Hilary Clinton who is running way ahead of all her opponents might get the nomination but she is another typical “career politician” who is likable not trust worthy.

    When you look at Republicans they want to be more aggressive than Bush, which is scary.

    Thank you David.

  3. David said


    Check out this website. Almost 10,000 have taken part in. It gives me hope. After waking this morning and watching the news. I almost got ill listening to my government and their complete hypocrisy. Iran supplies some weapons to insurgents in Iraq. So….the United States is the largest supplier of arms in the world. It truly disgusts me sometimes…
    And now we impose sanctions on Iran. All that does is hurt the people.
    But then I see the compassion and humanitarian efforts of those helping in California with the wildfires. I really don’t know what else to say except….I can only have hope that the truth wins this battle….

  4. QB said

    David thank you for the link.

  5. An Iranian said

    God bless you

  6. An Iranian said

    It is the proper time to seat and negotiate with Iran .They are loosing their reputation completely .They are letting Russia becoming stronger and stronger .
    Soon all their friends leave them alone and shall accuse them for what they did so far.Soon they shall feel pity that why they didn’t negotiate with Iran at this stage .I am living in Iran .believe me that as they impose pressure upon the region ,formation of another organization shall accelerate .Why I say all of these things ,because I do not want nations suffer more .Neither Americans ,nor Iranians,Arabs , Jews ….

  7. QB said


    There is no chances of any negotiations between Iran and US as long as Bush criminal regime is in power.

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