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Benazir Bhutto using threats propaganda to win election.

Posted by QB on October 23, 2007

Benazir Bhutto is cunning corrupt politician who has learned the effective propaganda tactics of Bush regime. It was me who on Oct. 19, 2007 said that two bombs blasts were her own party job and now PML (Pervez Musharraf League -Q) leader Chaudhry Shujaat Hussein is saying exactly the same. Benazir Bhutto is behind two bomb blasts. Benazir Bhutto is blaming Pervez Musharraf government for bomb blasts, her allegations are baseless when looking at the whole situation. Pervez Musharraf government did provided all the required security because it was in the interest of his government. The bombs if killed Benazir Bhutto or if she was severely wounded than it could have been the job of Pervez Musharraf government or Islamic militants. We all know that Benazir Bhotto went into the well protected small cabin build around that truck ten minutes before bomb blasts, she escape unhurt, to use it to win sympathies of ignorant Pakistan voters.

The Bush regime was quick to point figure at Al Qaida without even knowing whether it was suicide attacks. This was not Al Qaida or Taliban attack, Mullah Omar and Osama Bin Laden are more concerned about Afghanistan occupation rather than killing a women who has no powers. The Al Qaida and Taliban know that Benazir Bhutto after getting the power is no threat for their existence, she too will fail like Pervez Musharraf. The latest news according to her own party receiving new threats of suicide attack in a letter. The question is why these militants want to keep her informed about all their future plans which give her advantage of knowing all their future plans. The Islamic Militants don’t provide the details of their attacks, they keep it very secret so they have the chance of hitting their targets. The new threats are propaganda spreading by Benazir Bhutto to win the election and it is clear distraction that she is another puppet of White House who will implement Bush regime policies more forcefully when in power.

The real face of Benazir Bhutto democracy was exposed yesterday when her loyal supporters beat injured victim of bombing who went to see her at her residence with his son and wife, these loyal supporter break the tooth of his son. Benazir Bhutto party issued the statement that he was not the supporter of her party and he was tortured because he was suspicious. This is great, torture anyone who look suspicious, this is real democracy like Bush regime who are torturing suspected terrorists without any proof keep them in Guantanamo and secret prisons without any access to judicial justice.

The people of Pakistan if look at her past will know that Benazir Bhutto grabbed the power twice by playing victim, first time portraying herself as the daughter of her executed father and second time by lying that her government was not involved in corruption.

The violence which she brought with her will continue until election day and if she gets into power the violence will become worst. Pakistani voters must learn something from Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Nicaraguan voters who intelligently rejected the US supported corrupt politicians, Malaysia voters also very voted intelligently to keep Dr. Mahathir Mohammad in power for 22 years, who turned this third world country into number 19 developed country of the world. This is the real power of the vote which is not used properly by the voters due to lack of intelligence and ignorance. They fall into the trap of personality worship. Benazir Bhutto is US supported corrupt politician who wants to grab power with Bush regime blessings in the name of Democracy. The US government democracy means to give power to corrupt politicians who can protect their interests.

Benazir Bhutto name is on no exit list which means she can’t leave Pakistan. This is the right decision of Pervez Musharraf government not to let her go abroad without facing corruption charges cases.


2 Responses to “Benazir Bhutto using threats propaganda to win election.”

  1. J Smithson said

    I suppose Bhutto was behind the blas that killed herself. I am against the Bush administration as much as anybody but chances are, she wasn’t behind this

  2. Anonymous said

    But Bhutto died. How you explain that ‘game’ they were/are playing ? You mean she will get ressurrected ?

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