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US – European Countries want Turkey not to attack Nothern Iraq.

Posted by QB on October 22, 2007

Really don’t have time but US State Department make to write few lines about the hypocrisy of US and its European allies. The US State Department is asking Turkey not to invade Iraq going after Kurd terrorists.

In Washington, the State Department said the United States has opened a diplomatic “full court press” to urge Turkey not to invade northern Iraq.“In our view, there are better ways to deal with this issue,” spokesman Sean McCormack said, stressing that the United States regards the the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, known by its Kurdish acronym PKK, as a terrorist organization.

There are better ways to deal with terrorism, Really, than why US and its European allies invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. The US and European politicians wants to invade Iran, the Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton even wanted to use limited nuclear weapons in Iran attack, US politicians want to invade Pakistan, Obama promised that he will send US troops into NWFP. Why don’t they try the better ways themselves to solve the issues with Iran.

F*king SOBs. This is all few minutes I can spare right now.


2 Responses to “US – European Countries want Turkey not to attack Nothern Iraq.”

  1. An Iranian said

    Dear QB

    Obviously and as you know , PKK is a near friend of US government .please read the below comments :

    1- PKK is called a terrorist group because US doesn’t want to loose the Turkey Government’s support at this stage .For sure when their work with them is finished they will do with Turks as they are doing with Iran now .No doubt about it .

    2- If PKK is powered ,it will be a real tread to Turkey and Iran .Through that way they will make Iran more wick
    and keep Turkey in their hands /or get more advantages from them .

    3- PKK is very useful for US plans .They will be very effective in the plan of Iraq separation into three zones ( Shias ,Sonnis ,Kurds) .
    For Sure if KPP remains ,they will have a very strong effect in the Iraq Kurdish Government .They will be the future members of that government .

    you see how US acts :
    – creating terrorist groups
    – supporting them indirectly
    – helping them to make the local regimes to find too much mental involvement
    -try to change the geopolitics of M.E.
    into smaller countries.
    – try to put the fanatic terrorists in the new separated local governments- not for a long time- For sure when the work with them is finished ,they will be put away ,and some conservative new
    dependent leaders will be substituted.
    – try to create stress in the relation of neighbors as they now do with Iraq and Turkey .

    This is their plan for the so called New Middle East:
    – separation of the existing regimes into smaller countries
    – putting dependent local leaders for US sake .
    But you corrupted people ,believe me that such a plan is too big for you ,the low charactered people .I am sorry for myself to call you people but I couldn’t find another word for it .

    Dear QB :isn’t it exactly the mission of Satan .No moral rules exist for them.They do anything to reach their
    gole .So isn’t bush Antichrist? though he is just a small member of that Zionist organization serving in front.

  2. QB said

    Hi Iranian,

    Kurdish independent state will not be tolerated by Turkey Iran and Syria. US can’t stay in Iraq forever, the chances are that Iraq Kurdish independent state will again become the part of Turkey. Iran will not let Kurds break their country. The Iraq three state is not the solution, it will create more problems.

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