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Pervez Musharraf and Benazir Bhutto power sharing deal?

Posted by QB on October 20, 2007

The power sharing deal which Pervez Musharraf was forced to sign with Benazir Bhutto with White House pressure is another example of Bush regime mental bankruptcy. There is no way that this deal is going to be successful in fighting Bush “war on terror”. The Bush regime panicked when they saw that Pervez Musharraf has become so unpopular that he might lose power and with carefully analyzing the correct political situation they come up with this stupid idea of power sharing deal. Pervez Musharraf reached to the brink of losing power following US policies and there is growing anti Americanism in Pakistan because of Afghanistan and Iraq invasion. The Pakistan religious parties oppose the “war on terror” which they believe is “war” against Islam, these religious parties have strong support in North West Frontier Province which border Afghanistan. The religious parties gained power of this province after very long time which was the result of growing anger against American policies.

The Bush regime also did not analyze that Benazir Bhutto has to win election to share power, which is an uphill battle because she is promising to be more tough in fighting Bush “war on terror” which is the main reason for Pervez Musharraf losing grip on power. She make another mistake before leaving for Pakistan by issuing statement creating ethnic division which will not play very well in Punjab. She said that “forgiveness for Punjabi Prime Minister and hanging to death punishment for Sindhi Prime Minster”, this was with reference to Nawaz Sharrif and her own father Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who was executed. The party which win majority of Punjab seats will form the government, her statement will be used by Punjab politicians during the election campaign to unite them on ethnic basis.

The other obstacle is the Pakistan Muslim League (Q) which had supported Pervez Musharraf since he took control of the government, he get reelected President for the second term with their votes and support. He can’t abandoned this political party which is important for him to hold on to power.

The chances are that Benazir Bhutto will be sitting in opposition after the elections. There is no way Pervez Musharraf and Benazir power sharing deal work. Benazir Bhutto can’t win majority with fair and transparent elections, she can only get the thin majority with engineered election results.

Wanted to go further in details, but lost interest and get tired of researching Pakistan political parties…… maybe some other time.


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