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Iran – Bush next target.

Posted by QB on October 19, 2007

The Bush crazy, insane, psychopathic, and brain damaged is focused on Iran nuclear weapon which does not exist at all and if Iranian decided to build Nuclear Bomb it will take ten years to build. US European allies wanted to impose tough sanctions on Iran outside UN Security Council, Ehud Olmert rushed to Russia to talk to Putin. The Bush corrupt regime used all sorts of fear tactics before the invasion of Iraq, they used sounds bites like “mushroom cloud”, “danger for Israel Security”, “helping suicide bomber in Palestine” for Saddam Hussein to achieve their goal of invading Iraq. Bush believe that Iran nuclear program will lead to WWIII which is the most stupid assumption, there were plenty of journalists in that press conference who did not tell him that Iran is no threat to world peace, it will be US European and Israel who will start the WWIII, if these governments take military action against Iran.

The best course to take on Iranian Nuclear Program to let the IAEA do their work. There is no proof of any wrong doing by IAEA on Iran Nuclear Program, its the paranoid leaders of US Germany France UK trying to make it a big issue.

There is no way US or its European allies with Israel can get away with military action on Iran Nuclear facilities without facing the fierce response from Iran, the stupid military action will lead to WWIII. The whole Middle East will be the battle ground with Iran attacking its military bases in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iraq and Hizbollah Syria and Hamas will join the fight by attacking Israel. Death and destruction will be the result with no clear victory for any country. The US has to nuke the whole Iran for complete victory.

This is interesting that Bush regime was blaming Iran for supplying weapons to Talibans, Afghanistan puppet government deny these charges by saying that they don’t have the proof that Iran is supplying these weapons. The Foreign Minister also said that Iran is Afghanistan’s neighbor friend who has major role in reconstruction of his country.

Changed the first line with Ric suggested words for Bush (Grumpy Lion) who will be taking time off from blogging and concentrate on his writing. Ric when finish and publish his novel will be best seller, I am sure,


10 Responses to “Iran – Bush next target.”

  1. jonolan said

    The US has to nuke the whole Iran for complete victory.

    Only the major population centers. The bulk of useful Iran would still be available.

  2. Ric said

    It’s doubtful that Iran would try to take on US military forces head-to-head across the region. They could do a better job, and likely win, a guerrilla war. On the other hand, if Putin means what he seems to mean, that he would support Iran in a war against the US, then we could see main force battles.

    As for Bush being a mental retard, you’re giving him too much credit. He’s crazy, insane, psychopathic, and brain damaged, but not retarded (except for being morally and ethically retarded).

  3. QB said

    LOL. Ric Agree with you. Next time use these titles, which ofcourse are yours.

  4. Curtis said

    The best course to take on Iranian Nuclear Program to let the IAEA do their work. I wholeheartedly agree, as do many (if not enough) Americans. Of course, the elephant in the room on this one, so to speak, is that concern over a potential nuclear weapons program is merely a convenient excuse for Washington-Tel Aviv neocons to further their program of hegemony. This is something that the Russian executive has been increasingly vocal about, and I do not doubt it was high on the agenda for the Chinese government conventions of late.

  5. QB said

    Curtis am so glad that there people like you in US, who are intelligent peace loving. Thank you my friend.

  6. an Iranian said

    My dear friend Curtis
    Thanks for your comments .I am really happy to see that some people understand the situation .We are all faced with crimes of corrupted politicians .I don’t want to confirm my government entirely ,but believe me my friend that we are not in a position to look for atomic bomb .We are not so crazy .But we have little chance to express our real ideas .
    Your country is under a massive propaganda imposed by the well known people and broadcasting means.If you come to Iran you will realize that people in here are really patient ,cultured ,suffered , and most of them with a real sense of humor as other nations .But your politicians do not let us to be friends .We like your people and we want to be friends .
    I have a lot of things to tell you but
    too much to be explained in here .
    I also appreciate QB .He is a nice guy
    with a brilliant heart.

  7. David said

    As a American…my question to the leaders that I did not vote for.

    What right do we have to inflict suffering on a nation of millions for the actions of a few or because of a implied hatred towards us by their government. Obviously hate is not exclusive to those who direct it towards us. As we see it from Americans directed towards others. Nor is love of nation or of family exclusive to Americans. Perhaps we should look again at the similarities we share, and the difference’s, accept the things we do not share and embrace the things we do. We must respect each others right to exist, and feel secure. Imposing our will or beliefs on another nation is not acceptable. Nor is it acceptable for another nation to impose their beliefs on us. Diplomacy seems to have become a lost art, this needs to change. In a world facing dwindling resources and increasing populations we are facing even more challenges ahead. A changing climate may even add to this. We need to rise to the challenge’s that face us, as do all of the nations of the world. Together we can overcome these obstacles, divided….we all will suffer.
    Sacrifices will need to be made by all. And the pride we take in knowing we met these challenges together will be ample compensation for the comforts we may need to give up.

    David, USA

  8. QB said

    David you are real American. I have great admiration for American like yourself. Thank you.

  9. David said

    Thank you QB, I just hope that other people around the world know that most Americans feel this way. That because of fear, we were lead down the wrong path by some very evil people. Who have in just a matter of 5 or 6 years. Been able to corrupt our government and almost destroy that which we truly stand for. This has happened in other nations around the world. And continues to happen. It is up to the people of a nation to hold their governments accountable. We have begun to make these changes, and the job will be finished when we elect a new democratic president. Of course there will always be those who choose the path of distrust and intolerance. Hate is a powerful tool….as we all know this to be true. I have enjoyed this site.
    I just found it the other day. I will check back often. The sharing of thought’s and ideas is the best way to learn the truth about one another. Let me share a quote with you that I find very revealing, hopefully we can eventually evolve beyond this means of solving our disputes…. David

    Military glory–that attractive rainbow, that rises in showers of blood–that serpent’s eye, that charms to destroy…

    ~Abraham Lincoln

  10. QB said


    I know how good Americans are by nature. Wish that the voters will use their true power to elect someone who put back American on the right tract. Intelligent peaceful honest person you are David.

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