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Bush – Iran Nuclear Weapon lead to WWIII.

Posted by QB on October 18, 2007

Bush suppose to talk to the reporter on domestic issue on Wednesday instead he talked about Iran Nuclear Weapons. The moron said that Iran Nuclear Weapon could “leads to WWIII”,

“I’ve told people that if you’re interested in avoiding World War III, it seems like you ought to be interested in preventing” the Iranians from gaining the means to make nuclear weapons, he said.

Who are these people? I believe are the American people, who have become paranoid by Bush regime fear mongering that they will immediately believe what he is saying because they are brain washed by government and mainstream media propaganda. The recent poll taken recently show that majority of Americans want military action against Iran without realizing the consequences of such attack. Bush statement is complete lie again, it is the US government and its European allies, who will be lead to WWIII. Putin is right advising direct talks to solve the issues with Iran. Bush again is hiding the truth by not telling the people that Iran is ten years away from developing nuclear bomb, if they are wanted to develop nuclear weapon, Iran insists that their nuclear program is for peaceful energy purposes. IAEA blasted US Intelligence report. Bush repeated the biggest propaganda lie that Ahmadinejad wanted to destroy Israel. The fact is that media has overplayed this “Wipe off the map” propaganda ignoring Ahmadinejad actual sentence which was “The Imam said this regime occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time”, the Imam in this sentence was Khomeini. CNN Fox News and the European print media spread rumors instead of actual news with biased to achieve the goals of Zionist. The majority of Americans and European believe that Ahmadinejad wanted to “Wipe Israel off the map” is excellent example of twisting the facts. Ahmadinejad called for regime change in Israel not the destruction of people and country. Putin support Iran peaceful nuclear program.

The US and its European allies stupid polices will lead to WWIII. This is what Fidel Castro said couple of days back, Fidel Castro is right that Bush policies the world to disaster. It is great to know that Fidel Castro think like me which is an honor from oldest revolutionary leader alive.


7 Responses to “Bush – Iran Nuclear Weapon lead to WWIII.”

  1. swanny said

    Perhaps people need to pick up the National Geographic from June 1999 where post-bomb photos were published highlighting the skinless citizen masses of Hiroshima trudging through the rubble after a nuclear warhead exploded 1 mile above their city, at over 1 million degrees.
    How a repeat of that nightmare will solve anything is beyond me.

  2. jsag said

    Anybody that’s buying into this Iraq-like prelude to war with Iran is as crazy as Bush. The media are just reading press releases like they’re vetted journalism. Bush is bound and determined to create a world wide catastrophe before he leaves office to hide all the evils he has wrought. Why are most Americans so ignornant of the facts. It’s all out here on the web. You just have to read and worry…

  3. An Iranian said

    1 – Ahmadinejad is not making the decision for our peaceful atomic energy activities.
    2- there is a security council that decide .Their decision will be put into action when confirmed by the religious leader Ayatollah Khmenei.
    3- We are not going towards making atomic bombs
    4- If we start for atomic bomb construction ,it will take about ten years .Ahmadinejad will not be the head of state at that time .
    5- They easily can put the worst and hardest attitudes against us if they become sure that we are moving towards
    that aim .they have close inspection of Albaradi’s organization .
    So what are these shouting all about ?
    They think people are stupid .but they are not .I think US people are frightened by their own government

  4. QB said

    Hi Iranian

    This is all true, Hans Blix talking in Toronto wants US to engaged in serious negotiations on the issues instead of making threats. Hans Blix is the previous head of IAEA who was doing inspections in Iraq. The war will bring deaths and destruction to Iran but US and its European allies also will suffer. Looking at the projected cost of Afghanistan and Iraq war for the next decade, US is heading towards bankruptcy. The main cause for USSR breakup was financial and US is on the brink of financial collapse, which might cause the breakup of USA into smaller independent States.

    The Americans will again elect front runner maybe Democrat or Republican but they all are promising to be more tough on Iran, Pakistan, Latin America instead of doing something positive. There are two candidates who can put US back on right track Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul and these honest guys don’t have any chance of winning the nomination of their parties.

  5. An Iranian said

    Dear QB
    Don’t worry .We resist no matter what will happen .Our duty is to resist .
    But we resist with noble aims .Because we are asking for our rights.I know many people in our civil military army .most of them are really pure and firm .they were ready to present their liefs for their religion and country . They did it by action during the last war and not just talking about it . We don’t want fight .We have a 2500 years culture and civilization.Our nation’s IQ is one of the highest. we are peaceful and can be calm .But we do not accept dictatorship
    of some people acting as criminals.
    They have become too proud of themselves .That sense is their killer.They deceive themselves by their own will .I said that they will put nations beyond the borders of ordinary fears .This is what exactly they do these days .
    look and see what they are doing to our life .How they have made it difficult ? every they we are faced with new threads .They f***ed our life.let’s their life be the same .
    We are not feared and at the end my nation will be the winner. We are not terrorist .Hisbollah in Lebanon isn’t
    either.I am really sorry for all these
    ignorances of the present world .
    The nations shouldn’t think that it will end with Iran .Satan’s action is endless .Humanity is in danger .
    Satan moves step by step .God Damn Bin Laden and Bush the Junior

    We are not afraid an again.
    Our view to existence is different and these materialists have not understood
    religious nations yet

  6. unitedcats said

    I worry a lot more about the people in Washington with nuclear weapons than the possibility that Iran might build a few bombs. The fear mongering in the US has reached ridiculous proportions, it’s kind of scary. If I’m not afraid of people living a mile away from me who would kill me if I dissed their women, why should I be afraid of people on the other side of the planet? American kids have been so coddled and overprotected the past few decades that we are turning into a nation of paranoid cowards.

  7. QB said


    Did said the same thing that Americans are becoming paranoid, which generated quite heat. Thank you. Agree with you as always, when we disagree we both understand each other point of view, without any disrespect.

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