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Benazir Bhutto is behind two bomb blasts. 145 dead over 550 injured.

Posted by QB on October 18, 2007

Two bomb blasts killed 130 people and injured over 550 at Benazir Bhutto welcome procession. These people died because this corrupt politician wanted to make her return a big deal to show off her support and popularity. Benazir Bhutto is corrupt politician knowingly that there are threats of suicide attack did not ask her supporters not to come as a precaution to save their lives, if she really cares about the poor peoples lives. She also know that any attack on her procession will give her enormous sympathy and support by ignorant people. This attack goes in her benefit with her corrupt husband blaming Pervez Musharraf government, tomorrow she will appear in press conference with tears in her eyes for her supporters who had lost their lives for no good reason. There is really something wrong with these bombs blasts, know to go to the safe room ten minutes before blast. It was not miracle that Benazir Bhutto escaped unhurt. She planned her this way, go down in bullet proof and maybe shock proof double cabin before the blasts. She was inside the small cabin build around the large cabin completely safe and secured. Her party planned these attacks very intelligently. She was traveling in the open truck surrounded by her supporters but ten minutes before she went down in specially build room in the truck. Why she decided to go into special room suddenly? The picture of that room after the blast show that she did not had a scratch and than she left the scene in protected car to home leaving behind all the injured and dead idiots. It was a surprise for me that there were women children dancing and signing for a women who lost power two times on corruption charges.

Pervez Musharraf government provided the best security for Benazir Bhutto safety to avoid any such incident,M the government did not wanted any act of violence to happen because it is not in their interest. Pervez Musharraf is in deep trouble with violence in NWFP, religious parties opposition, opposition from another corrupt Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif so he wanted Benazir Bhutto arrival as peaceful as possible. These bomb blasts give her big advantage, which she will keep playing till election day, to divert the public attention from her coming back with White House blessing promising USA to fight their war on terror and handover Dr. A. Qadeer Khan to IAEA for questioning.

The loyal stupid dispersing supporter of her start burning gas stations after the blasts. The people died get severe injuries for their stupidity, they are all have no brains to realize that their political leaders are using them as footsteps to climb to power. The sad news for me was that 5 year old little angel girl dead because of her parents stupidity. The idiots who killed in these two bomb blasts are praised by their corrupt leader, calling them the people who sacrifice their lives for “democracy” which was their duty to protect her because she considered herself “DEMOCRACY”. When she is in power its “DEMOCRACY” all other governments are dictatorship.

The Pakistan private channels did reported the incident without actually analyzing the incident. The facts are that Benezir Bhutto and her supporters know the threat of suicide bombing attacks and it is really sad that she did not advice her supporter not to showup in large number if she really cares about the lost of lives of common poor people. Benazir Bhutto chose to make it most spectacular political circus at the cost of human lives. The journalists and the political pundits if analyze this honestly then it will become clear that these bombings helped her to gain public sympathy, in other words this incident helped her cause by diverting the attention of general public from the main issue that she is coming back to Pakistan with blessing from White House, promising to make Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan available to IAEA for questioning on nuclear issue. Benazir Bhutto get the power by portraying herself as victim twice before, lost the power on corruption charges, is not real solution for Pakistan future.

The bomb according to bomb squad expert was thirty pounds which could not easily hidden under cloths and the person wearing the thirty pounds explosives also could not walk normally without getting noticed. The media reported this as suicide bombing carried out by Taliban and Al Qaida to please Bush regime.
Benazir Bhutto admit that she had the knowledge of suicide attacks. Read this news. Pakistan’s Bhutto Says She Had Forewarning of Attacks.


9 Responses to “Benazir Bhutto is behind two bomb blasts. 145 dead over 550 injured.”

  1. Click the link or use

    Where does blame lie for the Bhutto bomb blast?


  2. […] now PML (Pervez Musharraf League -Q) leader Chaudhry Shujaat Hussein is saying exactly the same. Benazir Bhutto is behind two bomb blasts. Benazir Bhutto is blaming Pervez Musharraf government for bomb blasts, her allegations are baseless […]

  3. Anonymous said

    i agree on your comments about the bomb blast attack that the cause of evrythin was herself.

  4. QB said

    Thank you Anonymous. Welcome to my club invisible minority.

  5. vivien said

    ok, so you don’t like bhutto ‘cos you believe she’s corrupt..but do you have to sound like a musharraf brown-noser? he’s as bad..probably worse..’cos he’s double-faced and his gov’t gets $20 BILLION a year from US to do a job he can’t even (or don’t want to?) do right! he plays both sides..al qaeda/the extremists, and the US. in islam they call someone like that ‘munafik’ or hypocrite.
    oh, btw, the gunshots/bomb blast that killed bhutto on thursday..ummm..did she plan that too so that she can die a martyr?
    musharraf gov’t must think us americans are dumb..but we are not as dumb as his hypocritical self..doctor who treated bhutto when she arrived at hospital said there was a big gaping hole in the side of her head, he doesnt know what caused it except that it had to be something that was travelling at high speed to have such an impact of creating such a big hole..which was why on thurs the musharraf gov’t said she was likely killed by the gunshots or bomb shrapnel..then lo and behold, on friday, story changed! they think we are dumb or what? hitting the lever can cause a big gaping wound and fracture a skull? a concussion perhaps, but c’mon, a fracture? if hitting something like that can kill, then i must be like a cat with nine lives.
    wake up and smell the chai!!!

  6. vivien said

    my last comment is “awaiting moderation”. i should hope you DO NOT censor my view.

  7. QB said

    Dear Vivien,

    There is no censorship on my blog. Will published the comments as long as they do not have any pornographic links. Benazir death is kind of not clear what happened because of conflicting reports.

    Musharraf I believe is the right person for Pakistan. More on this sometime today after reading Benazir Bhutto death reports. BTW US is not giving Pakistan 20 billion dollars per year. The Bush regime has given some money to fight their favorite “war on terror”.

  8. vivien said

    QB, thank you for pointing out my error. my apologies. $2 BILLION/yr, not $20 BILLION. huge difference due to my typo, but still no chop change. yes, we need to wait for reports. now i am reading that it could have been after the assassin blew himself up, the blast from the bomb caused her to hit her head. that would be more plausible than saying that she might have hit her head while ducking. had she not hit her head, she still would have been killed as 22 others further from the bomb were killed. not being pakistani, not knowing the details behind the corruption charges against her, i just find it so hard, reading the interviews with her, that she could be so evil. could she just be putting her loyalty to her husband before her loyalty to her own principles, her country, her religion? i also dont believe her tears, upon returning to her country and home village, were fake. i think those were genuine. finally, while it appears heartless of her to not warn her supporters about the death threats against her, i dont think – judging from the aftermath of her assassination – that you could have stopped the crowds. these people are very emotional and in state of despair (for right or wrong reasons). and, suicide bombing has unfortunately become commonplace and a daily threat to pakistanis (yes, NO THANKS to bush’s “war on terror” which has in my view backfired). pakistani politicians live under daily threat from assassins and suicide bombers. if these evil extremists can go so low as to detonate a bomb INSIDE A MOSQUE killing 50 innocent praying civilians – while their target was missed! – pakistanis are not safe ANYWHERE. i see destruction, despair, and lashbacks in the muslim world everywhere because they do not educate themselves on their own religion. KNOWLEDGE BEFORE ACTION. is it not better to live in peace under a non-muslim government if they allow you religious freedom, than bloodshed under a so-called muslim government?

  9. QB said


    Really do not have any intentions to cause embarrassment to you on US aid. The most of the money went to fund the military operations, very little money was for social reforms. Bush “war on terror” is the biggest mistake the way he is trying to eliminate terrorism. The terrorism roots can only be cut off by education, social reforms, economic reforms. Bush regime has has 700 billion dollars on this so called “war on terror” without results. This money if spend wisely could have finished Osama Bin Laden ideology.

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