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Putin promise to complete Iran Nuclear Power Plant.

Posted by QB on October 17, 2007

Putin promise that Russia will go ahead with construction of Iran first nuclear power plant after meeting with Ahmadinejad without giving specific date of completion. Iran expected this out from this meeting and they get that Russia is not backing away from its obligations of building and fueling their nuclear power plant. The Caspian nation signed pledge not to allow US and its allies to launch attack on Iran. The declaration signed by Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, this is the fist step towards diving the Caspian oil reserves which they failed to agree at their previous meeting in Turkmenistan in 2002.

Putin and Ahmadinejad wants more cooperation between Russia and Iran which will be beneficial for the region.

Iranian officials are not giving the details of Putin nuclear deal. Khamenei tell Putin according to Iran news agency that “”We will consider what you said and your proposal.” Israel Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced to visit Russia on Thursday, few hours after Putin left Iran, which Israeli official described as a a “last-minute, urgent meeting”. Israel with US and European countries are very much against Iran nuclear program, the only country in the region with stockpile of WMD including chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. The sky will not fall down if Iran had couple of nuclear bombs which they are decade away from building. This is the politics at the worst where the whole world have to live under US and Israel dictatorship.


One Response to “Putin promise to complete Iran Nuclear Power Plant.”

  1. An Iranian said

    Have you asked yourself why bush doesn’t want to take part in a discussion meeting with Ahmadinejad ?

    They call Iranians as bad guys.in the above Article you said all the truth .
    Having WMD is confirmed for US and Israel .But peaceful nuclear activities is prohibited for Iranians.
    We have an expression saying that “the meal has become so salty that every body in the city knows about it by now “!!!!
    I hope you understand what I mean !
    What shall we do ?
    Shall we stop ? is it reasonable ?
    In the past Soviet Union was the great
    enemy .These days the terrorist Iranian government !!!! is substituted
    Any how ,corrupted US politics should always have an enemy. This is the way they can survive ( apparently ) .
    But they actually could survive with right and noble ideas .That sentence is funny in the world of politics and
    the believers to that are called stupids .
    History has always given us good&effective lessons and many are still very stupid for not realizing the truth .
    The realities can change by our wills and decisions .
    If they want us to accept them ,they should first make their mind &views acceptable .Nowadays the so called world leaders have the intelligence less than ordinary people .How could they be in the heart of nations ? just because they have money ?
    so what ? as a joke: their money is theirs .We do not use it!! .So what is left to be accepted .
    We will continue to resist up to any stage.Iranians are always unexpected .
    I hope they realize that fact

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