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Putin send strong warnings to Bush from Iran.

Posted by QB on October 16, 2007

The Russian President Vladimir Putin is on confrontation course with Bush regime sending strong warnings not to use Caspian nation to launch attack on Iran. Putin also said that none of the
Putin, whose trip to Tehran is the first by a Kremlin leader since World War II, warned that energy pipeline projects crossing the Caspian could only be implemented if all five nations that border the Caspian support them.

Putin want Iran nuclear issue to be resolved with negotiations without threatening Iran because Iranians are not scared at all to these threats. Ahmadinejad agree with Putin on what he said for military action and building piplelines. This strong message is clear indication that Russia is not willing to impose tougher sanctions on Iran as proposed by US France UK Germany and any attack on Iran will be resisted by Russia and hopefully China. The Russian President did not see any clear evidence that Iran is building nuclear weapon. Iran is not happy with Russian delaying in building their nuclear power plant is another issue which will be discussed during Putin visit and the chances are that he will promise to complete this nuclear power plant in near future.

Putin committed mistake by allowing US to build its military bases in Russia neighboring countries after 9/11, now realize that it is danger to its own security. Putin, like rest of the world leaders, did not had the courage to standup against Bush madness and stupidity without any opposition of any kind. The world leaders let him do whatever he wanted to fight “war on terror”, did not oppose Afghanistan invasion, did not stop him to invade Iraq, let him build military bases all around Russia. Putin is now showing courage to oppose the invasion of Iran and stealing their Caspian Sea Oil reserves,

The Bush regime along with all the Presidential candidates, who wants to attack Iran nuclear facilities, will attack Putin like mad dogs on his statement from Iran and that is all that they can do. The other problem with US is that majority of people really don’t analyze the facts correctly, they just accept all the mainstream media propaganda. They do not realize that Iran if had nuclear weapons will not be any threat to US or Israel because these countries had stockpile of WMD which can destroy Iran completely. Iran knows this very well and they are not stupid to use nuclear weapons attacking Israel, they simply can’t take that risk, also Iran do not have capability to attack US. This is in the best interest of the world peace to deal Iran nuclear issue with negotiations instead of any sort of military confrontation. According to Putin Iranians are not scared of US and its allies threats.

The presidents of the five Caspian nations agreed in Tehran today to prohibit third countries from using their territory for attacks on one another “under any circumstances.”

The declaration, signed by Iran, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Turkmenistan, is the first step in reaching a treaty on dividing up the energy-rich sea. The countries failed to reach an accord at a previous summit in Turkmenistan in 2002.

The assurance of Caspian neighbors is great win for Iran and US must reconsider its policies of aggressions with coming back to diplomatic negotiations.


2 Responses to “Putin send strong warnings to Bush from Iran.”

  1. There is some truth to what you say. However, you have neglected to mention one very important point. One of the reasons for the collapse of the old “Soviet Union was economics. Bluntly, she was broke!Many Russian soldiers and citizens live in Central Asian countries now “free.” However the Russians, especially those of military backgrounds are still very much loyal to Russia. Their presence in the former Russian satelites assures they do not become too independent.

    Up to now, oil in the region is shipped via Russian pipelines. Russia charges a fee for this. Russia also buys oil and other exports but owes much still that it cannot pay to those nations.

    If the Central Asian nations build a pipeline direct to the Caspian Sea, it will bypass the Russian pipeline. That will severely impact Russian economy right now. Other than oil pipeline revenues, Russia relies on money from the sale of various hi tech and nuclear related materials, and mob kickback money. Russia cannot afford to allow a new pipeline to be built and lose that revenue.

    As for Russia, well Putin is trying to restore a new Communist regime. He is relying on economics to help him. He has another more serious threat than the U.S., china. China is beginning to thrive economically. It seems that the capitalistic system they so want to destroy has opened many doors to them economically and technologically, besides what they steal. While Russia is struggling, China is not.

    Russia cannot afford to have China become a bigger, more influential world power than Russia, especially a next door “neighbor!” Sometimes what you obviously see is far from the reality.

  2. QB said

    Valid points. Good comments.

    Caspian Oil reserves Russia believe are the property of five neighboring nations and they only have the mutual rights. The decision to must related to these Oil reserves must be decided by five countries.

    China and Russia are developing good economic and political relationship. Look at Shanghai Committee, both countries don’t want any confrontation which jeopardize their economic growth. This is the right approach which unfortunately is pushed aside by Bush regime and all the Presidential candidates running for 2008 elections. They all scare me with their stupid talks of using limited nuclear weapons on Iran. Insanity, stupidity and rhetoric to fool the voters.

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