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Bush annoyed China, another stupid mistake by USA.

Posted by QB on October 16, 2007

Bush follow the House of Representative Foreign Relation Committee, which passed Armenian genocide bill against Turkey, with his own stupid decision to award Dalai Lama congressional honor. This decision has angered China so much that they canceled their meeting with US Germany France UK on Iran nuclear issue.

Why the US government is so stupid?


7 Responses to “Bush annoyed China, another stupid mistake by USA.”

  1. Iranian said

    Dear QB
    In fact they are stupid because ,through so many mistakes they have become wick and by arising too many problems they obviously have lost their concentration.
    They still live in their dreams having deviated from realities ,trying to act
    as the world saver ,while criminals like Bush or Bin Ladan are far from such a character and capabilities .Look at what they are doing with Russia ,how Russia is gaining power in those critical geopolitical areas ,while US becomes wicker and is hated by the people .
    They are selfish and have not understood the fundamental principles
    of the nature.They should penetrate into nation’s souls by right decisions and noble thinking .they should establish a right and fair equation between their own national benefit and others .with ought that success will not be reached .If they read my comments, they may think I am an ordinary person with a simple mind and unexperienced with political terms & definitions .but I am advising them a very complicated finding with a simple way for expressing that .I hope they will use it .

  2. QB said

    Dear Iranian,

    The problem is that majority of politicians have lost their minds in US. They talk about using nuclear bomb on Iran, incursion into Pakistan NWFP which might get them votes but if they do what they are saying will create more chaos in the world.

  3. An Iranian said

    Dear QB
    Thank you for your comment.Don’t worry .
    Although we should expect everything from those mindless people ,but we are not afraid at all .They are gradually putting nations behind the boarder of ordinary fears .When pressures become too much ,the effect will be in the negative direction .I MEAN WHEN PEOPLE HAVE NOTING TO LOOSE THEY WILL PUT THEIR FEARS AWAY.this is exactly happening to my innocent nation .believe me that my people are becoming aggressive . In nature they are really calm .we rely on our people and not weapons .We are really disappointed with the so called free world politicians and some people .some have lost their sense of humor .Look at some of the comments ,how blindly they look at the issues .but I am really happy to see that many people in west are waking up .It takes time but hey will .my nation should rectify themselves too .we all need to change .But one side is absolutely offensive and the other side is defending . I want to say that the best choice for US government is to negotiate with Iran and come to a peaceful conclusion .If they do not do it ,the problems get worse .they can not be safe if other nations are not too . They should understand human psychology more .It is a real pity that they do not understand how to treat with others .it is a real pity …..!!if they want Russia to get the whole region ,so they can exactly continue in this way .I am not against Russia nor Americans ,but we can establish a sort of equilibrium that all could have their benefit . we should think more ,change our view and
    find the way .monopolism is in conflict with equilibrium . I am familiar with politics I know how they think .they never reach calmness because it is not the way they are following . they should seat ,look at it throughly and change their strategy
    from the base ,no killing .no one sided view ,no cheating and no more selfishness .they should think as adults .Then terror and terrorism will disappear .

  4. QB said

    Hi Iranian,

    Iran is not backing down from its nuclear program. Also read or heard that Iranians are promising to launch tens of thousands of their rockets if invaded.

  5. An Iranian said

    Hi QB
    I read in our news paper that if us attacks ,just after 1 minute 11000 precise rockets will be fired to the preselected targets .And this can continuously be maintained believe me that Iran is unpredictable .We are not Saddam .But why war ? If we were near the boarders of US telling them that soon we will attack ,What would have they done ? Why are they so selfish and why some of ordinary Americans are the same ?

  6. QB said

    Hi Iranian,

    The majority of Americans are very nice but the problem is that Bush regime has brainwashed them with constant propaganda creating fear that Iran is a real threat to their safety. They believe what they are told without thinking that Iran is not threat to US or Israel, it the vice versa that US and Israel are threat to Iran, whole Middle East and the world. There was CNN poll taken recently which shows that majority of Americans don’t want war with Iran. The US government and its European allies if decided to invade Iran than it will be bigger disaster than Iraq where they were not able to fight poorly armed resistance groups. Attacking Iran will be the biggest mistake. War is horrible which only bring deaths and destructions.

  7. An Iranian said

    Thanks for your reply.It is true.

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