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Turkey start its operation against Kurdish terrorists.

Posted by QB on October 14, 2007

Turkey start shelling the Kurdish village near its border, confirmed by one resident living in that village. There were no casualties reported. Bush regime is trying to defuse the tensions between Turkey and Iraq with Condoleezza Rice called Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan urging him not to take action. The Kurdish terrorists Commander warn Turkey that they will face Vietnam like resistance if they cross Iraq Northern borders.

Turkey government will move the bill to parliament tomorrow seeking permission to go after Kurdish terrorists who has become more aggressive after US occupation of Iraq. Turkish government is also very angry with the House Foreign Relation Committee passing bill condemning Armenian genocide. The government is threatening to pull all its support, which is necessary for Iraq occupation, by not letting them use their air base, denying the use of their air space and the supplies will be cut off which goes into Iraq by trucks.

This is all because Democrats stupidity who had pass genocide bill to please Armenians voters, insisting to bring the bill to full House vote by mid November. Turkey has cut off its military ties with France for passing genocide bill in the past. The Turkish government will not go that far but they sure can make Iraq occupation much more difficult for US.


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