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General Sanchez said “No end in sight in Iraq”.

Posted by QB on October 13, 2007

Ret. Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez criticizes is blaming the faulty political and military mistakes made in Iraq. Lt. Gen. Sanchez is typical hypocrite like all other retired Generals who went into Iraq knowing that invasion and occupation plans were faulty. There is one retired General Shinseki who is the man of character, testified in Congress that US would initially need few hundred thousand soldiers on the ground to keep Iraq under control. He was criticized by Zionist Paul Wolfowitz and Rumsfeld and was forced to take early retirement. General Shinseki did not talk about the war in Iraq publicly, even did not write any book to earn money which he could have done but he is honorable person, honest and truthful. All the retired Generals who are criticizing the war now are hypocrite SOB, inclruding Gen. Powell.

Powell is dishonest characterless person, who knowingly give dramatic presentation at UN full of lies to prove that Iraq is danger to the world, now he is against the war. He had the option to tell Americans and all the world truth but be chose to go with Bush regime plan of invasion and occupation. These Generals who supported invasion of Iraq and politicians have the blood of over million Iraqis on their hands.They are speaking now to wash their hands off all the deaths and destructions. F*cking mass murderers war criminals.


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