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Time for Pervez Musharraf to go. His policies may cuase Pakistan breakup.

Posted by QB on October 12, 2007

Pervez Musharraf must be throw out of office either by Supreme Court by disqualifying him to hold the position of President or by the another military coup. Pervez Musharraf is making the same mistakes over in fighting Bush “war on terror” cold boldly murderer innocent civilians including children and women in NWFP. The latest Pakistan military air strikes killed more than 250 civilians, injured many, destroyed their homes in the month of Ramadan with one week before Eid. The majority of the villagers shifted to safer places. The news paper reported that majority of the people killed are children and women, the Pakistan air strike was on villages which are non combatant.

Officials of the political administration and tribal sources told The News that the PAF fighters targeted Haiderkhel, Ipi, Hasukhel, Musaki, Mullagan, Hurmaz, Zeeraki, Khushali and other villages of the area, mostly peopled by non-combatants.

They said eight persons were killed in Haiderkhel, four in Hurmaz and three in Hasukhel villages. Besides, dozens of others were injured in these and other villages including Ipi, Musaki, Mullagan, Zeeraki and Khushali.

Eyewitnesses said dozens of bodies were buried under debris of the damaged buildings, while there was no one to recover them, as every family was affected by the bombing and very few people were left to take care of the killed and injured.

They said that 90 percent of the people of the area shifted to safer places on Wednesday. Tribal sources said that majority of those killed and injured in the ongoing gunbattle and air strikes were non-combatants, many of them women and children.

The BBC showed the video report of the innocent injured children in hospital with interview of the captured Pakistani Military Major who is confident that he will get free with negotiations. These Militants have captured more then 300 Pakistan military some of them are released but majority of them are still in Militants custody. This is chaos because of Pervez Musharraf policy of blindly following the orders of Bush since 9/11 which is proved a complete failure, like his Master, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but he is so stubborn, like his Master, to change course on fighting “war on terror”, or he is simply greedy cold blooded murderer bombing its own civilian to keep getting the US aid .

The people of Pakistan should also be careful not to re-elect Benazir Bhutto in next year January elections. Her policies will be more ruthless than Pervez Musharraf. She get the blessing of White House providing assurance to continue US policies on “war on terror’. Bush will be out of White House in January 2009 but the Presidential hopeful Democrats and Republicans are all SOB who will stick to the present policy. The US will not lose much in this war because they will withdraw from Afghan leaving the mess behind for Pakistan. The escalation of this confrontation may result in the breakup of Pakistan.

It is an uprising not by a few foreign Taliban or al-Qaeda fighters, but the local population.
Tomorrow they may declare the Islamic emirate of Waziristan,” said Talat Masood, a retired general. “This is the greatest challenge since 1971 [when East Pakistan broke away to become Bangladesh].” This is update which is reported in news today, General Talat is right.

The right approach to end this confrontation is to work according to the peace treaty signed with the Tribes, dismantle the military posts and leave the region. Let the Tribes live their lives the way they are living from centuries. The US and Pakistan government can start bringing the chance slowly and gradually by opening schools, building hospitals in the region. This is only the solution.


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