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Putin warned US to back off missile defense system. US Russia talks failed.

Posted by QB on October 12, 2007

Vladimir Putin warned US officials to back off installing their missile defense system in eastern Europe or risk harming relations with Moscow. The Russian President mocked US missile defense system which they see as weakening their security, he was speaking to Condoleezza Rice and Robert Gates.

“Of course we can sometime in the future decide that some anti-missile defense system should be established somewhere on the moon,” Putin said, according to an English translation. “But before we reach such arrangements we will lose the opportunity for fixing some particular arrangements between us.”

Putin is also threatening to pull out of arms control deal, if US install its missile defense system. Bush is not backing off from installing US missile defense system and Putin is very much against it, which means the Moscow and US relations will go back to cold war era. Georgy boy, see Putin heart and soul in his previous meeting, don’t know he still have the ability to see his heart and soul, agree with him to install the US defense missile system in Putin suggested country Azerbaijan. Bush provide real entertainment for people, he has the powers to look into heart and soul, he talked with God daily, God ask him to invade Afghanistan and Iraq.

US Russia missile talks failed. Condoleezza Rice and Robert Gates failed to convince Russia that US missile defense system is not threat to their security. The US relations will improve if someone intelligent be the next elected President, which is very doubtful because the front runners are insane and stupid like Bush. The Democrats and Republicans are not going to vote for Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul who are the real candidates who can put US back on right direction.


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