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House Foreign Relations Committee pass non-binding resulotuion against Turkey.

Posted by QB on October 11, 2007

The House Foreign Relation Committee has passed the non-binding resolution, condemning Turkey Armenian genocide, ignoring Bush request not to pass this resolution. Republicans are against this resolution which is going to hurt the US Iraq war and strained relations with Turkey. The Republicans majority House Committee did pass the same resolution in 2000 when the issue first arouse, but President Bill Clinton urge Republican House speaker to withdraw the measure before the full House could vote, he succeeded.

The Turkish government considered this vote has harsh American indictment and threatening to cut the support for Iraq war.

“If they use this to destabilize our solders in Iraq, well, then shame on them,” said Representative Joseph Crowley, a Democrat from New York who voted for it.

This is interesting that majority of US politicians have no brains. Rep. Joseph Crowley, shame on you that you are trying to pass a non-binding resolution for political gain in next election ignoring Turkey cooperation for your war in Iraq, the Turkish government is putting a bill before Parliament to seek permission to attack Kurdish Terrorists in Northern Iraq and you have no intelligence to look at this dangerous situation and not correctly analyze the consequences of this resolution than “Shame on you” for being so stupid.

Turkish called these Congressman as “foolish Americans”.

Turkish newspapers denounced the decision. “27 foolish Americans,” the daily Vatan said on its front-page headline, in reference to legislators who voted for the bill.

Turkish government is so much angry that that called their Ambassador in Washington to return to Turkey, for consultation bill. The Turkey Foreign Ministry invited US Ambassador to convey their “unease” over the bill.


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  1. dee said


    Source- BEIRUT, Lebanon—A leftist Armenian group earlier in the week, declared full support for Jihad Islami, an extremist organization that has claimed several anti-Armenian (sic) bombing attacks and gun-point abductions in Lebanon oven past few months. The Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia (ASALA), expressed its support for the radical Lebanese group for its revolutionary activities in a statement which was distributed to Western wine services here. The statement said Jihad Islamic organization, which translates as “Islamic Holy War,” with its revolutionary activities “has brought new momentum to the righteous struggle of oppressed people of the Middle East and the struggle for the liberation of Western Armenia from the fascist Turkish regime.” The statement said the struggle for the liberation of Armenian lands was an inseparable part of the righteous struggle of the Armenian people.

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