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USA – World Authoritarian Dictatorship.

Posted by QB on October 10, 2007

The American people believe that they are the “Good guys” fighting the “Evil bad guys” of the world, this was the propaganda started after WWII against Communism. The US government used “Evil Communism” propaganda, a threat to “American way of life” “Freedom” and “Democracy”, the enemy “Evil Communism” is replaced by “Evil Islamofacists”, “Islamic Terrorists” with the main theme is proven to be very effective still working on majority of Americans.

The US government after five years of WWII was engaged in military confrontation in Korea, trying to stop the evil communism, this war lasted for three years from 1950 – 1953. The US government start interfering in Vietnam in 1959 – 1975 again fighting the evil Communism. The US government, during the same period, was interfering in Chile politics to stop Marxist winning the election. US denies these allegations but Chile has the documented proof of US support for Chilean military Coup, Augusto Pinochet taking control of the government. Source : United States intervention in Chile.

In 1981 Ronald Reagan intervention in Nicaragua, again fighting the threat of evil Communists taking over power and building alliances. The Roland Reagan authorized CIA to start Iran Contra which basically was providing arms and financial aid to rebel groups. Source Link : Nicaragua.

The US was also fighting the evil Communists in Afghanistan during Roland Reagan Presidency. It was, infact US which provided arms to Afghanistan Resistance group and named them “Mujahideen”, Osama Bin Laden and Aymen Al Zahawari were that time good guys fighting the US enemies.

The recent invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq are all the part US same old strategy of fighting the Evil forces. The Bush regime had fooled the Americans that they are the good guys of the world spreading democracy and freedom in Middle East is another lie. The facts proved that these claims are wrong, The US government really never accept the results of democratic elections when their government backed candidates lose elections. The US use aggressive propaganda to create doubts about the results of such elections denouncing the popular democratically elected governments. It was very difficult for US government to accept the Palestine election results. The US government and its European allies never accepted Hamas as democratically elected representative of Palestinians, instead they cut off all the financial air knowing that it will be impossible for Hamas to govern without financial aid. Hugo Chavez, Rafael Correa, Daniel Ortega, Evo Morales are the popular leaders elected in elections are not acceptable to US because they all are introducing social reforms which are helping the poor people and SOLIALISM IS EVIL as it hurts the big corporations and the rich.

The US used all its resources to change the election results of Nicaragua, Ecuador, Bolivia and try to bring down Hugo Chavez government with failed CIA back coup. The people of these countries failed all the US efforts by rejecting US backed politicians.

The Bush also trying his best to make Americans believe that they are winning the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. In Iraq US military is building alliances with the Baathists and Iraqi Sunni Resistance who were the enemies they went to war. In Afghanistan Hamid Karzai is inviting Taliban for peace talks and offered them power sharing in his government. What did US achieve with invasion and occupation of these countries? Nothing. Its total disaster and failure. The US wanted to be in control of Middle East which failed.

US should learn the lesson that they must respect the choice of the people of the world in electing their governments instead of imposing their favorite politicians.

Written in bits and pieces at different time and days, might be little off the mark but really don’t have time to review. Let it go as it is.


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