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Ahmadinejad – Rule out direct talk with US – Demonstrations – Criticism of his domestic enonomic policies.

Posted by QB on October 8, 2007

The Iranian President Ahmadinejad rejected any conditional direct talk with US demanding Iran to stop uranium enrichment. Iran rejects all U.S. preconditions for talks, Ahmadinejad asserted in response to U.S. President George W. Bush’s recent statement, in which he said he is ready to negotiate with Iran if the Islamic Republic agrees to halt its uranium enrichment program.

No one has the authority to bargain away the Iranian nation’s nuclear rights, the president stated.

Ahmadinejad said he is prepared to hold a debate with Bush about global problems, as he has said before.

“We believe a public debate will help promote world peace,” he observed.

The Tehran University students stage a protest against Ahmadinejad at Tehran University, where he was speaking at the start of new academic year.

“Ahmadinejad is Pinochet! Iran will not become Chile,” the students shouted, the witness said.

The students were demanding the release of students, who are held in Iran prisons for writing articles which are considered insult to Islam. Last year students staged protest against Ahmadinejad at Tehran University, setting his picture on fire and shouted “death to the dictator”. These demonstrators were confronted by Ahmadinejad’s supporters who shouted “Shame on you hypocrites! Leave the university!” This is democracy, there are people who support Ahmadinejad and there some people who had no fear criticizing him and his policies.

The students who are in prisons for publishing articles should not be send to jail for expressing their opinion. This is the problem with all the Muslim countries, they do no allow the open discussion on religious issues, which is necessary to bring the overdue reforms. The religion must be open for intelligent debate, instead of expecting everybody to accept the religion defined by Imams thousand year back. The Sunnis and Shiite religious scholars must open their minds and interpret Qur’an message, examine very carefully all the hadiths (Sunnis Shiites Talmud) which will create unity, tolerance and bring back the real Islam.

The students who demonstrated during Ahmadinejad speech were all arrested, according to one Iranian living in Tehran. This was not reported in any news.

PS: Need help from people living in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Jordan, Syria, Iran to give me the accurate news from inside these countries.


2 Responses to “Ahmadinejad – Rule out direct talk with US – Demonstrations – Criticism of his domestic enonomic policies.”

  1. An Iranian said

    We were informed that no one was arrested in that protest

  2. QB said

    Iranian Friend,

    The arrests news was given to me by an Iranian whose father is government employee, he was very angry with the present government, the economy. He also told me that his family is well off because their father is government employee. Posted what he said without knowing the truth.

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