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Afghanistan after 6 years of invasion and occupation.

Posted by QB on October 7, 2007

The Afghanistan is clear evidence of Bush failed policies of invasion and occupation. Mullah Omar is still alive, Osama Bin Laden still at large and there is no hope of US finding him in near future with all their technological advantages. Taliban in control of most of Afghanistan and their are moving towards North. Hamid Karzai only control Kabul just like Nouri Al Maliki is in control of Baghdad Green Zone.

The following Associated Press article show the real picture.

6 Years Later, US Expands Afghan Base

Afghanistan invasion and occupation has made Pakistan NWFP region battleground where Tribes are fighting Pakistan security forces to defend their “way of life” and “freedom”, which is translated by Bush regime as “terrorism” without understanding the social religious background of that region. Bush regime has given Benazir Bhutto blessing to become the next Prime Minister of Pakistan and fight their “war on terror”. This is not going to go in US favor as well.

Waziristan clashes leave 32 dead

This is according to my own analysis of Afghanistan. Mullah Omar and Osama Bin Laden will send message at the end of Ramdan, like always, telling their supporters that that are winning against the superpower US. Bush will be leave White House in 2009, leaving behind two lost wars for the next President to deal. Democrat or Republican, who maybe the next President will continue these wars to keep America safe and Americans will be happy to spend trillion dollars more on these wars.


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