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Vladimir Putin may run for Parliament. Victim of two term limit.

Posted by QB on October 6, 2007

Vladimir Putin showing indications that he might run for Parliament and become Prime Minister. The Russia Presidential elections are scheduled to be held next year, he can’t run for President again because of Constitution restriction of two terms limit. This two term limit is included into Russian Constitution modeled at looking US Constitution Amendment, which is very undemocratic restricting peoples choice if they wanted to elect the President for more than two terms. The Presidential two term limit maybe good for US but this certainly is not good for other countries to include in their Constitution. The good politicians who are honest sincere wanted to bring real change for their countries, must have the option to continue as long as they want, if elected by the people.

Prime Minister of Malaysia Dr. Mahathir Mohammad is an good example of leader who has bring the country into developed nations in just twenty years, he was elected by the popular vote until he decided to retire at the age of 78. Dr. Mahathir Mohammad, had to step down after two term limit than Malaysia would still be third world country. Hugo Chavez is another Head of State who need time to implement his policies which are for the benefit of poor people. Venezuela very correctly is changing their Constitution which also had the two term limit restriction for President.

Vladimir Putin had a very popular support is likely to win the Parliament elections, if he decided to run which is very democratic. There are lots of criticism on BBC and CNN for his decision to become Prime Minister which is biased and is interfering in other countries internal affairs.


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