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Pervez Musharraf win Presidential elections.

Posted by QB on October 6, 2007

Pervez Musharraf win the Presidential election according to unofficial tally.

Pakistan Television reported unofficial results from the ballot count that Musharraf had won unanimously in Baluchistan province with 33 votes, and polled 31 of the 34 ballots cast in North West Frontier Province. In Punjab, Musharraf won 253 of the 257 votes cast, it said.

The Supreme Court has ordered not to declared the official winner until court verdict on case challenging the is ineligible to run for office with holding his Chief of Army position. The court verdict will come on Oct. 17, 2007. The Chief Justice, who was fired on corruption charges by Pervez Musharraf, has developed personal vendetta against the President and accepting all the cases against him. The Supreme Court has already has decided in favor of Pervez Mushrraf that he is eligible to run for the office, this case should have been throw out without hearing. The religious parties want Pervez Musharraf out of office because of his ties with Bush and White House.


2 Responses to “Pervez Musharraf win Presidential elections.”

  1. Muhammad Rafique said

    this election was a joke to the nation. cabinet which is about to complete its tenure of 5years shortly, giving vote to a person who will be the president of pakistan for further 5years and those cabinet who has cast their votes in favor of the president are not sure if they will re-elected by the people again! spose those who casted their votes in favor of president if not elected again by the people of pakistan than ?

  2. QB said

    Muhammad Rafique

    Pervez Musharraf is better than bringing back the corrupt politicians into power. Pervez Musharraf was forced to sign deal with Benazir Bhutto, the most corrupt Prime Minister of Pakistan, because of his stupid policies of fighting Bush “war on terror”. Pervez Musharraf is better choice for President for next 5 years.

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