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Iraq – Will buy 3.4 billion dollars US weapons!

Posted by QB on October 5, 2007

Iraq will buy 3.4 billion dollars US weapons and 100 million dollars weapons from China for its police force.

General David Petraeus told a Senate Committee last month Baghdad has already signed deals to buy $1.6 billions in U.S. arms, with another $1.8 billion in possible purchases set up to happen before the end of this year.

This is interesting. Lets now balance the books.

Cost of War 767.00 billion dollars
Weapons deals 3.40 billion dollars
Net Loss 763.40 billion dollars

Paul Wolfowitz assured Bush that Iraq war will only cost 70 billion dollars, which was the initial cost of invasion. The Iraq war and reconstruction will fund by Iraqi Oil Export was the assurance given by this corrupt Deputy Secretary of Defense. He might have convinced Bush that 70 billion dollars investment will bring huge financial benefits controlling Iraqi Oil Reserves.

The American Zionists, it look like, born and raised in US but are more inclined to protect the interests of State of Israel over US interests. Joe Lieberman is another example of this Zionist mentality, who wants US to attack Iran. Iran is no threat to US or Israel. Iran does not have resources to attack US and Israel with its nuclear weapons has the capability to destroy Iran completely. The Evangelicals, on the other hand, had their religious beliefs to push for Iran attack. According to their religious beliefs Jesus will come back to defend Israel holy land when attacked by Iran, Syria and Lebanon.

The present situation is not very different, which was before the invasion of Iraq. Politicians and mainstream media CNN are continuously spreading lies against Iran. Iran Revolutionary Guards are declared as a “terrorist organization”. The majority of Americans again has brainwashed by politicians and CNN who are in favor of military attack on Iran.


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